Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines? What are the Differences?

As Vaccines Slowly Become Available to Everyone, Students are Beginning to Get Them

Pfizer and Moderna seemed to be the most popular choice in the United States. 

Moreover, since Pfizer can be used starting with sixteen-year-olds, it seems to be the main choice for any high school student. 

In North Hollywood High School, there is a variety of students who have acquired the vaccine coming from different ages and backgrounds. 

“I am extremely thankful to even be from California” Narek Harutyunuyan explains, “now I can get my vaccine for free at any time and I am not sure if the rest of the states have the same opportunity”. 

There are not many instances of students getting the Moderna vaccine in the school, instead, the Pfizer one seems to be the most common ground.

 “I did not have any other option but to get the Pfizer vaccine, but I am just glad I was able to get one,” Andrea Esquivel, a junior in high school depicts. 

Additionally, with her past medical record she feels safer to think COVID-19 will hopefully not affect her as much as it had before. “I have tested positive for the virus twice, and trust me once was enough”, she further describes. 

A scary factor that cannot fly under the radar, especially for young people, are the side effects of the vaccine. Celebrities have openly discussed their side effects in regards to the vaccine

There are few differences between them within the two types of vaccines.

 “In terms of side effects, it’s been the same thing as Pfizer, a minor sickness and soreness between them”,  says Andrew Tafur, a senior who got the Moderna vaccine. 

Although both vaccines require two takes from them, some of their differences include the 94.1% to 95% of effectiveness they have respectively. 

Source: WCNC

Additionally, many students did not expect the vaccines to be released so soon. Maxim Volkov, a junior, mentioned “I remember at the beginning of quarantine it was rumored for the vaccines to be released years from now, so I am surprised it was released so early. I will still get it as soon as I can though”.

If it is argued about the safety overall, which both vaccines bring, these same students are more comfortable going out, even if they still need their masks.

“It is like a burden being taken off me”, Somara Oliva remarks, “I never got COVID, and now with the vaccine, the possibilities are getting lower and lower which even helps my mental health”.

The virus and quarantine have taken a toll on everyone, and it has been learned how to fight with it and keep going.

With the vaccines in process and more Californians having the ability to get them, there is a glimmer of hope that reality will be back to normal in a few months, just as we have wished for more than a year.