Signing Off

This school year was a huge change for all of us. Safe to say, we all had to adapt to certain routines. Working with The Arcade this year did not pan out to how I was expecting, but this didn’t stop the year from being another amazing one. I will forever be thankful to have gotten a chance to run The Arcade and help the many determined writers in our staff. They have all worked extremely hard to stir up amazing articles for many to read. We published articles almost twice a month, and our writers worked their hardest through it all. I wouldn’t have been able to keep the arcade going if it weren’t for the Managing Editor Leana Khan and Copy Editor Brianne Scott. They have been a huge help through the entire process, and I could have never done it without them. We are all proud of what The Arcade has become, and we are excited for what is to come. Christian Lopez will be the editor in chief this upcoming school year, along with editors Cynthia Flores, Daniel Billotti, Emily Ilan, and Russell Medrano. These students were part of the amazing writers this year, and I can only imagine the amazing work they will do running the arcade. Hopefully, more students can also get involved with The Arcade to make it even more amazing than what it already is. A final thank you to Mr. Gough, the amazing journalism teacher who guided us along the way to perform our best. It has been my honor to help with The Arcade.