So, Why Go To College?

With the influx of social media influencers and celebrities, some wonder if going to college is necessary to succeed in life.

College graduates are having more trouble finding jobs now that every field has been over-saturated with job-seeking individuals with a bachelor’s degree. So why do people still choose to go to college? 

One cannot deny that the sentiments around seeking a college education have changed over the years.

While the idea that a college education is necessary to succeed in life still exists today, the stigma around not having a college degree has been slowly dissipating.

Leana Khan, a senior at North Hollywood High School, remarks that “Some people that are into tech, sometimes they don’t even need to go to college to get a job.”

With some jobs now requiring skill rather than the label of having a college degree, some choose to avoid college altogether and dive straight into the industry. 

However, many still choose to go to college.

Millie Caro, a senior at North Hollywood High School, states that “College is necessary. It gives me the education and the credentials I need to become a teacher.”

There is no doubt that a college education is necessary for some jobs, but for some, college means more than just receiving a degree. 

Mr. Gough, an English teacher at North Hollywood High School, claims that going to college means, “to become more universally educated and a well-educated citizen.”

However, for some students like Leana Khan, college is, “a chance for me to meet new people and to get away from home for a bit.” 

College seems to be an important aspect of the aspirations seniors hold here at North Hollywood High School. With Ms. Gonzalez, our college counselor, and teachers encouraging students to fill out their college applications and FAFSA, avoiding college is a difficult feat to accomplish.

Every week there are several college workshops and Zoom meetings dedicated to helping North Hollywood students apply to college. While this is indeed helpful, some students are hesitant about applying, simply because of the cost. 

With the inflation of the cost of college, people across the country find it hard to afford higher education which is why many people go into college with an idea of what they want to do.

Leana Khan wants to study communications or journalism in college and states that, “It would be difficult to find jobs within that field without a college education,” while Millie Caro wants to become a teacher which, “[she] would definitely need a college education for.” 

Compared to college students during the ’80s and ‘90s, current students feel as though they don’t have the freedom to explore their interests and different majors because of the constricting price of college tuition.

“I just wish college was more affordable because it would encourage more people to pursue a higher education. Before it seemed like a college education was optional, but now everyone says that you need at least a college degree to get a job,” Millie Caro states. 

College indeed is a big investment to make. With private universities having an average tuition of around $50k, many students graduating end up paying off student loans.

 Mr. Gough encourages students to go to college, if they can afford to, as there is no harm in being better educated.

“The most valuable commodity is time, and when you’re young you feel like you have all the time in the world. Therefore, do something that you find interesting and that makes you happy. Do something good for the world, and if college helps you do that, then go to college.” -Mr. Gough.