Avatar Breaks The Box Office

Avatar: The way of the water, on its way to strike out other films


A massacre occuring in the box office as Avatar: The Way of the water drops in theaters across America. While many movies dropped as of December 2022, Avatar has stripped the audiences from a wide range of movies making Avatar the headlining movie in theaters across the US.

While there are still many that haven’t bought tickets for Avatar, there are many who did and sit through its 3 hour run time. 

Mr. Manzo, a teacher at North Hollywood highschool had this to say when asked about his genuine feelings on the overall film, “It was okay. I’m difficult to please when it comes to storytelling. This kind of film represents the film industry’s technological achievements more than anything else. That said, the visuals are outstanding. In a time when major studios are cutting corners on CGI for the sake of quantity, it’s refreshing to sit and watch a project where artists and filmmakers have taken their time building a world. Most of the audience wants to be transported to a different place when they visit the theater, and it’s films like these that make the moviegoing experience worthwhile for those who seek pure entertainment.”

Another interviewee Andrea Santilla who enjoyed and sat through Avatar’s phenomenal run time had this to say regarding James Cameron and the work he gives the audience, “I do believe James Cameron gives his audience some of his best work, he takes his story lines very seriously and really goes into depth with his characters’ stories. I believe he likes to give his audience more to enjoy and that his attention to detail is what draws audiences to enjoy his films.”

Overall the film has a wide spectrum of reviews and for the most part the reviews are positive, The art, The CGI and just the uniqueness and genuine storytelling has brought in loads of viewers. The box office breaks in regarding Avatar, stats show $1.7 billion in worldwide receipts and topped $516 million domestically. 

In retrospect, many who have sat through Avatar’s 3 hour screen time, leave satisfied and ready for what’s to come in the franchise of James Cameron’s Avatar. In conclusion, after acknowledging the box office stats and the reviews and interviews… What is your opinion of Avatar: The Way of the Water?