Astrology 101

Mercury Retrograde & Saturn’s Return 


Mercury Retrograde: 

One might always wonder what mercury retrograde is; the short answer is that a planet is ruining your life for the span of month on various days throughout the year. Mercury retrograde is when Mercury starts “going backwards,” what this really means is that Mercury’s orbit around the sun is shorter than Earth’s. In today’s age Mercury retrograde is used to explain all of the bad things that have happened to a person during its time period. In Roman mythology, Mercury was believed to be the tricky god of talking, persuading, traveling, and thievery. When it is not in retrograde, the planet helps us communicate. When it is in retrograde our communication pipeline is clogged.


Saturn’s Return: 

Like Mercury Retrograde, Saturn’s Return is something you might hear frequently. But unlike Mercury Retrograde, that brings bad luck, Saturn’s Return brings awakening and sometimes fear. Saturn’s Return comes when one turns 30 years old. A person realizes that life is short, and that jobs should turn into careers, and flings should turn into long term relationships and maybe into marriage (if that’s your thing). The return brings a realization to a person. It can be scary for some people, but for others, it’s a step in the right direction. Childhood starts to fade along with childish qualities.