Online School

How North Hollywood Students really feel about online classes.


Leah Villalpando, Staff Writer

We are entering our fifth week of quarantine during this new era of COVID-19 and schools all around the country have been using the app Zoom to do virtual classes, while students in turn try to adjust. 

These virtual classes consist of a facetime-like environment that are able to hold 100 people, have a breakout room option, reactions, and a chat feature. It has been a  very helpful tool to keep classes and school as normal as possible. 

Although the app itself seems to be a great tool to make quarantine life routine, online school in general brings out different reactions in all. 

Manuel Villalpando, a freshman, only has one virtual class, and thinks that classes are easy. He “doesn’t really care” when it comes to online school and prefers doing work on his own rather than doing virtual calls. 

Senior, Emily Vidal likes zoom because “it gives us a chance to clarify assignments.” Vidal has been having a very positive experience with online classes because although “the workload can be a bit much” the teachers have been understanding when it comes to the situation.

A lot of the teachers have been lenient with late work which is an unanimous comment agreed by everyone interviewed.

Not all students, however, have a positive experience. 

Keren Cano, a senior, isn’t enjoying online school either. She views the workload as “busy work rather than actual lessons.” 

“We shouldn’t be doing countless meaningless assignments just because we are home. We are stressed and shouldn’t be overworked because of something that isn’t our fault.”

With California schools being canceled for now, students are also starting to find a lack of motivation to keep trying in school.

For seniors ,who are afraid that their prom, grad nite, and graduation is canceled, see online school as a waste since they will not experience the events they waited for their whole life. 

“It isn’t fair that we still have to do online schooling. It’s not what we signed up for nor something people are actually comfortable with.”  

Remote learning is relatively new experience, but with time, maybe it will prove to be a resourceful educational tool. But the question still remains: will it ever be able to replace traditional on-classroom learning?