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2020-2021 Staff

Editor In Chief

Elva Tovar

Elva Tovar is currently a 12th grader at North Hollywood HS. She enjoys reading and listening to music on her free time.

Managing Editor

Leana Khan

Leana Khan is in 12th grade and a managing editor for The Arcade. In her junior year, she was a staff writer where she loved to write food reviews. Now, she edits and publishes articles on the site, as well as runs The Arcade's...

Copy Editor

Brianne Scott

Brianne Scott is currently a senior at North Hollywood High School. She enjoys collecting stickers and making jewelry in her free time.

Sports Editor

Evan Edmiston

Staff Writer

Kelsey Brinkle

Staff Writer

Tanzil Zaman

Tanzil Zaman is a 15 years old and a first year staff writer. He likes to draw and run.

Staff Writer

Anthony Bermudez

Anthony Bermudez is a 12th-grade first-year staff writer. He has a 13-year old dog named Snoopy. He loves to read books as well as make jokes.

Staff Writer

Victoria Espinosa

Victoria is a freshman and a first-year staff writer. Her favorite type of music is Christmas music. Although she doesn’t have a lot of experience she tries to write the best stories for the North Hollywood Community.

Staff Writer

Rebecca Garcia

Rebecca Garcia is a 9th-grade staff writer and who loves to hang with her best friend and watch movies. Rebecca is also very organized she likes to have her assignments look aesthetically pleasing. Rebecca's favorite show is The...

Staff Writer

Hallie Sanchez

Hallie Sachez is in 11th grade and a first-year staff writer. She enjoys listening to music and has a passion for reading and writing.

Staff Writer

Kaia Ross

Kaia Ross is a 12th grader and first-year staff writer for the Arcade. She is also the Assistant Drum Major for the Royal Regiment Band & Dance Team, as well as a lifelong Girl Scout, columnist for GEN on Medium, and chai...

Staff Writer

Lorenzo Mendez

Lorenzo is a senior studying at North Hollywood High School and has just recently started writing for the arcade. He enjoys all types of arts: ranging from creative writing and visual arts to performing arts, such as dance.

Staff Writer

Eric Yoon

Eric Yoon is a senior at NHHS. He has been involved with his school's literary magazine, yearbook, and newspaper. He enjoys STEM, music/violin, movies, basketball, books, and volunteering. He aspires to be as cool as Bill Nye...

Staff Writer

Andrew Tafur

Andrew is a senior at North Hollywood High School and this is his first year as a staff writer for the Arcade. In his free time, he enjoys watching movies, dancing and playing video games. Andrew also loves music, and some of...

Staff Writer

Daniel Mata

Daniel Mata, a 12th-grade staff writer, has completed three marathons and loves to relax by playing video games and watching movies and tv shows.

Staff Writer

Christian Lopez

Christian is a junior and apart of the SAS. This is his first year in the Arcade Staff and he writes about Learning Communities. He enjoys learning more about others and their actions.

Staff Writer

Laura Kwak

Laura Kwak is a senior at North Hollywood High School and is a first-year staff writer. She loves making key lime pie in her free time and playing with her dog named Donut.

Staff Writer

Julia Garcia

Julia is currently a senior at North Hollywood High School and this is her first year in the journalism program. She loves listening to music. Some of her favorite artists are BTS, Wayv, and Twice. She enjoys traveling, drawing,...

Staff Writer

Cynthia Flores

Cynthia Flores is in 11th grade and is a first-year staff writer. She is very involved with the school and her community. She loves to read and take pictures.

Staff Writer

Daniel Billotti

Staff Writer

Branden Azucena

A first-year staff writer and anime enthusiast. An energetic soul that always strives to learn and never says away from a challenge.

Staff Writer

Aida Agesyan

Aida Agesya 12th grader at NHHS. She is a first-year staff writer and the editor of Kreative Korner student submissions. She loves reading and writing.

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