Last Week in Sports: Lakeshow Royalty Returns


Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers, led by future hall-of-fame LeBron James, won their 17th championship in franchise history over the Miami Heat in 6 games.

Los Angeles experienced yet another great week of sports last week with the crowning result being the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA title. The Bubble is finally over and the Lakers have returned to LA in what has been the most unique NBA season ever. The Dodgers are also in the postseason and they too honed in on postseason success by defeating the San Diego Padres in 3 games. Now, the Dodgers are in the midst of a tough series against the Atlanta Braves. To cap it off, the Los Angeles Rams moved to 4-1 on the year by defeating the Washington Football Team.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL–The Lakers have 17 championships which are tied for the most among NBA franchises with the Boston Celtics. After an intense series, the Los Angeles Lakers prevailed to defeat the Miami Heat in 6 games. LeBron James made a strong push towards the GOAT (greatest-player-of-all-time) argument by securing his 4th title & 4 Finals MVPs. Anthony Davis boosted his legacy by locking up his 1st NBA title. Davis was fantastic during the series as he averaged 22 points. Davis is a free agent this winter and there have been conflicting narratives as to what he will do. There is a video of him expressing how he would want to run it back, but he has also said he hasn’t decided as to what to do for free agency. As of now, he plans to opt-out of his current contract to resign with the Lakers. If that is true, LA’s chances to run it back go up.

As important as Davis though was the Lakers bench. The bench enjoyed a special postseason where every night it seemed that there was a new role player that took the spotlight. In Game 6 alone, Rajon Rondo, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Danny Green all combined for 47 points alone off the bench. As important as LeBron James & Anthony Davis were, the Lakers were not gonna win this championship without the assistance from the role players. Most of the role players will be free agents come this winter, but there is a large incentive to stay with the Lakers and run it back.

This was truly a historic season. Not so much from a record standpoint (though the Lakers did get the number 1 seed in the West & only lost 5 games in the postseason) but really from all the other circumstances. For starters, this was the first season where both the Lakers & Clippers were seen at the same level in quite a while. Despite posing a threat to the Lakers, the Clippers proved once again they will always be the little brothers of LA after blowing a shocking 3-1 series lead to the Denver Nuggets. Secondly, the World was completely struck by the death of Kobe Bryant, but the death hit especially home for the Lakers. The first game back from Kobe’s death was the hardest game the Lakers have had to play to date, and to win this championship in his honor is about the most special thing the Lakers could do. Lastly, without stating the obvious, this was the first NBA season that was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There never has and (hopefully) never will be another Bubble, so for the Lakers to win the championship under all these circumstances speaks leagues to its worth.

The Lakers head into next season intending to run it back. Given the attractiveness of the Laker brand, the living of Los Angeles, and the ability to play with the league’s best duo, expect the Lakers to make a marquee transaction this offseason to bolster their chances. The most important thing to remember though is as long as LeBron James is wearing that purple & gold, no one should count out the Lakers. Especially when they are champs.


Joc Pederson (31) faithfully points up to the sky after scoring a run against the Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Robert Gauthier/LA Times)

ARLINGTON, TX– The Dodgers entered the postseason bubble in Arlington, Texas a little over a week ago. They entered the bubble as the number 1 seed in the National League and off a Wild Card Series win over the Milwaukee Brewers. Their performance against the Brewers gave even the most pessimistic Dodgers fans hope that potentially it would be this 2020 postseason that would reverse the misfortunes of postseasons’ past. For that confidence to grow though, the Dodgers would have to show that their performance against the Brewers wasn’t a fluke against their NLDS opponent, the San Diego Padres.

In Game 1, the Dodgers would assert their dominance and score 4 of their 5 runs in the 6th inning. With the aid of a sac-fly, a wild pitch, and multiple RBIs, the Dodgers would stroll past Game 1 5-1. Game 2 would present a much closer game for LA though. The teams would trade blow-for-blow heading into the 7th inning, including a homer from Cody Bellinger and a homer from former-Dodger, Manny Machado. The Dodgers would put themselves up 3-6 after the 7th and retain that lead until the beginning of the 9th. On the 9th, the Padres came alive and tightened the score to 5-6. However, the Padres needed to tie the game and an Eric Hosmer grounder would give the Dodgers the 2-0 lead. The Dodgers would then put a bow on this series and defeat the Padres in 3 games to advance to the NLCS.

The Dodgers are currently in an intense series with the Atlanta Braves with the winner gaining the right to advance to the World Series. 3 games in, and it has been pretty shaky for the Dodgers. Even the most optimistic fans can’t help but feel the creeping postseason demons that have crippled the Dodgers ever since their last World Series title in 1988. Game 1 was a rough outing for the Dodgers as the Braves came prepared. The Braves scored 4 of their 5 runs in the 9th inning, including the dagger home run by Ozzie Albies. As the Dodgers dropped Game 1, Game 2 would pick up right where it left off. The Dodgers would go down 7-0 heading into the bottom of the 7th. The Dodgers would rally, but it wouldn’t be enough to rally. They would drop Game 2 8-7 and ultimately go down 0-2 in the series. However, in Game 3, history was made. The Dodgers would score an MLB postseason record 11 runs in just the first inning. Thanks to homers by Joc Pederson, Cody Bellinger, and Corey Seager, the Dodgers would lead by as many as 15 runs. The Braves would add 3 runs to pin the final score at 15-3.

The Dodgers hoped that their Game 3 performance would turn the tide in the series. That the performance in Game 3 was no fluke and the Dodgers had finally awoken. That they will show the rest of the league that they were the true number 1 team in all of baseball. However, all of that hope would be crushed in Game 4. Game 4 was especially tough for the Dodgers given how well they performed in Game 3. The game was closer than the final score indicates as the Braves scored 6 of their 10 runs in the 6th inning alone. Dodger Pitcher Clayton Kershaw struggled in the 6th, and it remains another postseason where Kershaw does not look like Kershaw. Game 4 was demoralizing for LA; losing 10-2 will hurt anyone, but especially the Dodgers, a team that has been bitten by the poisonous postseason snake. Hope is not all but lost though. Teams have shown the capability to come back from 3-1 deficits. However, it takes special teams to overcome a deficit like that. Will the 2020 Dodgers prove that they are special? They won’t have much time to answer that question, as the games are played every day.


Aaron Donald (99) proved once again that the gap between him and the next best defensive player is increasing with his 4 sacks against Washington.
(Photo by Brad Mills/USA Toda)

LANDOVER, MD– For the first time in the Sean McVay era, the Rams are 4-1 and look balanced on all sides of the ball. The Rams defeated the Washington Football Team this past Sunday 30-10 with an unbelievable performance from Aaron Donald. Donald registered 4 sacks on the day, giving him 7.5 on the season and the league lead. Donald is on pace for 20 sacks and continues to defy the logic of all football analysts.

While Donald was the story of the defense, the story of the LA offense began and ended with Jared Goff. Goff enjoyed another efficient outing, posting a 70% completion percentage, 300 yards, and 3 total touchdowns. Goff continues to enjoy a bounce-back year, even though he hasn’t been flawless. The most important thing for Goff is he looks more in command and more comfortable. Goff also displays his arm talent weekly, and this week was no different as he lofted a beautiful 56-yard touchdown to Robert Woods. Goff even started the game 9-for-9 which is similar to three weeks ago when he started 13-for-13 against Philadelphia.

Equally as important as Goff (and some would argue more important) was the Rams running game. Out of the three-headed-backfield, it was once again Darrell Henderson who got the bulk of the touches. And Henderson made the most of his opportunities. He gave the Rams the first & last scores of the game, plunging it in from one yard out and receiving an 11-yard TD pass. While the other Rams running backs have been lackluster, Henderson continues to carry the load with a purpose and give the Rams meaningful synchronization. Remember, the Rams offense without a solid running game is largely stagnant. The Rams need a running game as much as Batman needs Robin. So as long as Henderson carries the load, the Rams offense should always be clicking.

Along with Donald, the Rams defense enjoyed an insane performance Sunday. They held Washington to a total of 108 yards. That’s simply unheard of, even the ‘85 Bears have to sweat to achieve this. Additionally, the defense forced Washington to only convert 15% of their third downs, 8 sacks, and a staggering 2.1 yards a play. While the Washington offense remains towards the bottom of the league rankings, Sunday nonetheless should provide as a confidence builder for the defense and a reminder to the rest of the league that Aaron Donald is unhuman.

The Rams are 4-1, but they’re still not in first place in the NFC West. That right is reserved for the Seattle Seahawks, who are enjoying an MVP-like season from Russell Wilson. The Rams not being in first place though is just a testament to the NFC West, who many consider being the best division in the league. At this moment, the Rams are in 2nd place just barely looking over the Seahawks shoulder. While the Rams do not play Seattle until November 15th, they could creep closer in the division race with a win over the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday night on NBC @ 5:30 pm.

This has been the last week the 3 major LA teams have played in the same week. With the Lakers heading into the offseason, and the Dodgers headed towards there soon, LA will be left with just NFL football the moment the Dodgers are eliminated. However, the Dodgers will look to expand their postseason stay Friday as they take on the Braves in Game 5. Meanwhile, the Rams have a primetime division showdown against the reeling San Francisco 49ers meaning anything can happen. If the Rams & Dodgers have learned one thing in 2020 though, it is to expect the unexpected.