Meet the STEM Magnet


STEM Magnet Logo

STEM Magnet is the newest academy introduced at North Hollywood High School. It is “An alternative course of study that prepares students for college and career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” (via STEM Instagram account: @nhhs_stem).

The STEM Magnet was introduced to North Hollywood in 2019 making them the smallest academy but with big goals.

 With just one year, the academy has been able to grow close together, making the students and teachers enjoy the presence of one another.

I love everything about the STEM Magnet–the students and staff members really are a close-knit family,” Mr. Cho, the STEM Science teacher states. 

STEM brings many qualities to the table, and that is its goal–to bring a bright future for students by making them prepared, inspired, and ready for their future.

Ivan Meza, a STEM junior mentions “being in the academy has helped spark interest in me to start doing what I am most passionate about. I am learning more about myself while also spending time with my classmates and teachers around me.”

Not only is the academy working towards helping the students reach their academic success but they also make sure they live in a healthy environment, by making sure the students and the staff communicate.

“We regularly have discussions about our students and each staff member speaks with compassion regarding student issues that promotes trust and caring among staff and students,” Mr. Cho explains. 

The way for students to stick to one another and feel like a close family is because they have “a 9-person text group which helps us stay in communication. We also share ideas about implementing STEM activities into humanities classes and general education classes,” Mr. Shawkat, the STEM history teacher, states. 

Many past activities that have taken place were for students to feel more represented and to enjoy different things; like field trips or meetings.

STEM students have more freedom on what they want to experience and study by being allowed to choose different paths, “there are two different pathways to pursue for both Technology Sciences and Math. You have the Technology/CompScience option vs. Design, Media, and Visual Arts option; and you have Calculus vs. Statistics option for maths,” Mr. Shawkat affirms. 

Meza also describes how much effort the academy has put in to provide the students with the best experiences possible during online learning.

“I feel like I have not drifted from the academy, even after being online for so many months. The constant activities and checkups I have received show the incredible support the academy gives.” 

“STEM has the best of the best,” Meza exclaims, “I have had the chance to meet most teachers and fellow students, and being in the academy is truly one of the best experiences I have had.”

The positive energy that STEM gives to students is what they need in these times of deciding what their future will hold. 

There are many short-term and long-term goals for the academy but one of which might be the most exciting is Mr. Shawkat’s idea of combining humanities subjects with STEM topics, “For next semester, and next school year, I want to start incorporating ‘history of technology’ lessons to match the humanities with the sciences”. 

Ultimately, the STEM Magnet has shown great initiative and creativity in only their first year of being at North Hollywood and they are definitely a great addition to the school.