Meet the Clubs: Girls Who Code


Girls Who Code Logo

Girls Who Code is a newly formed club under the organization of Girls Who Code, and is part of North Hollywood High School. It is for people of all genders, despite their name, to come and learn about coding and technology.

 Member Alani Nixon describes why the name Girls Who Code was chosen, “The gender in the name of the club is to stand up for, and break the gender gap in coding. It encourages more girls to get involved in coding since it has been proven to be a male-dominated job.”

Co-Presidents Hannah Moon and Hannah Cho formed this club because now that everything is digital, it is useful to know about technology. 

Moon has experience coding in C++, OpenCV, Java, Python, and competitions. Cho also has years of experience in coding, “I’ve been coding for around 4 years and obtained my Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate Certification. I can also do basic CSS and HTML and use them to make websites.”

Cho founded this club so that students at North Hollywood High School have an opportunity to learn and understand the basics of computer science. “Coding is really important because it is integrated into many jobs and is an impressive skill, so learning basic code as early as possible is beneficial.”

Additionally, there are many benefits to this useful process and club. Such as surrounding yourself with people with similar interests.

Nixon has only been to a few meetings and is already committed to it. She explains, “You are guaranteed to learn a lot in a deep subject whilst making friends in the process. From what I’ve seen it is an informative club that is very beneficial.”

Moon thinks it is important to know about technology even just the basics. “This is a good club to join because our world revolves around computers and technology right now, so it’s beneficial to learn about coding.”

This club isn’t beneficial to just the world’s future, but could to yours as well. Both co-presidents say that this club will help you determine if this would be a subject you would like to pursue in college. 

Also, there are no requirements to get in. Cho says, “Even if you don’t have any experience with coding that’s perfectly fine. The club is not open to just girls; our primary focus was to get girls more involved, but everyone of all genders should feel free to join.”

If you are interested in joining, The club meets every Friday at lunch. Check out their Instagram, @nhhsgwc for more information.