“The Road” Book Review

How It Relates To Today

The Road Book Review

The Road is a story about a young boy and his father who are trying to survive after an apocalypse happens. The father and son, whose names are never disclosed, travel all over the south of the United States to survive the apocalypse.

Throughout the story the father and son see corpses rotting on the floor, who were murdered by the bad guys, burnt landscapes, and abandoned towns and buildings/houses. They are one of the only people that haven’t turned to cannibalism and murder.

People have turned to these wicked ways, because they do not have the necessities to survive, and instead kill others and take away the things they have, or kill them so they could be used as a food source. The father and son try their hardest to survive and escape from people who are trying to steal from them/ kill them. Together they believe they are able to survive, even if the odds are against them. 

The Road in some way relates to what is going on in the world today. Yes, of course we aren’t in an apocalypse today, but in some way we can see the similarities between the two.

In this story, we learn that in tough situations love is always there for us, regardless if it’s love between people who are closely related to each other, or if it’s not. It also teaches us how we have to keep moving forward through situations.

In the story, the young boy and the father have to move and find ways to survive together. In today’s world, we also have to survive in some way as well. Although in the story it is a fight for survival, for us today we have to survive being locked in our home without any contact without others, like our friends and sometimes even family.

Both in the story and in our lives we are isolated from people, for our own good. Today, we are separated to make sure that we do not get sick and to prevent us from spreading the virus, while in the story it is because you never know if people will help you survive or use you for the supplies you have.

Originally I started reading “The Road” because it was for a book report, so I wasn’t really interested in it. However, once I started reading it, I was unable to put it down. I felt extremely attached to the characters and I felt as though I was there with them in some aspect.

In many parts I felt myself hold my breath, when the characters were going through something. It has been one of my all time favorite books, even though it isn’t a romance book, which I usually read.

There are some parts in the book, where it gets intense, because it talks about difficult topics. It isn’t too gruesome, but I feel the intensity of the book is what prevented me from putting it down. It makes you want to keep seeing the journey of the father and son.

“The Road” teaches you how important family love is, and in some way why it should be cherished. When I finished the book I was left speechless, and just sat shocked for about 5 minutes. It is a book that I definitely recommend to read, it will teach you new things, and it is a book that helps you escape from the world we live in.