What’s Next for Seniors?

Tips on what to do after receiving your college acceptance letters

College admissions are right around the corner, and while you are constantly checking your emails for acceptance letters, you have to be prepared for the next step-making a decision. But, remember that saying yes to a college isn’t the last step. 

Scholarships are extremely important! There are many scholarship websites including, Fastweb.com, Raise.Me, and the school’s scholarship center (i.e CSUN scholarship center). 

If you haven’t applied to some scholarships checkout the ones provided by North Hollywood High School’s ETS coordinator, Ms. Velasco: California Scholarships, BigFuture, Unigo, Maldef Scholarships, and Immigrants Rising. Ms. Gonzalez, the NHHS college counselor, usually has North Hollywood-specific scholarships, so make sure to keep an eye out on Schoology. 

Along with scholarships, check for financial aid award letters. Look over these financial aid awards and see which one offers the best option. In other words, the one that gives the most money. If you are having trouble understanding a financial aid award letter, speak to your ETS or Upward Bound advisor, or anyone who works in the college counselor’s office, to help you interpret your letters. 

Ms. Velasco mentioned, “Check your emails and portal to-do list items. See if your schools need your transcripts, SAT scores, and AP scores. Also, check if you’re asked to submit a verification paper to receive your financial aid award letter and if your financial aid award is posted.”

If there are any Seniors confused about when to send out transcripts, this information is for you. Wait until May or early June to request your transcript because it needs the graduation date posted on it. 

Seniors who are going to attend a four-year university, make sure to complete the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). The SIR is for Seniors who are ready to commit to the college that they will be attending for the next four years. Ms. Santos, the NHHS ETS advisor, wants Seniors to keep in mind that some schools may require a deposit to SIR. The SIR deadline is May 1, 2021. 

Ms. Santos has tips for those who are having a difficult time committing to a college. Look at the financial aid award letter to see how much aid each school is offering. Think about the distance from home and school and if the area around the school fits best with you. Lastly, visit campuses or virtual information nights to help you with your decision. 

These steps provided by ETS are extremely helpful for Seniors who are not sure what to do next. Make sure to go through all of these steps before the school year is over. Congratulations to all of the Seniors for your college acceptances.