Making the Most Out of Virtual Clubs

Clubs struggle to keep the spirit and attendance alive.

Posters all over the school walls, announcements to students during breakfast, and simple word-of-mouth were common ways that North Hollywood Huskies would spread the news about their clubs. 

Symia Williams, Black Student Union (BSU)’s president, explains that while in-person school was in session, “BSU would use morning announcements. Plus people knew more about BSU and the classroom we’re in.”

With this school year being entirely remote, most clubs struggle with trying to have the typical club experience.

For one, meetings can be difficult to plan, especially for clubs and teams that are hands-on like Botball.

Botball is a robotics club at our school that competes at our school, and they depend on being on campus to run.

The Botball captain, Tatiana Lucero, states that the only discussions they can have related to potential outcomes of the pandemic, and that distanced learning took a toll on the club.

“While understandable seeing as we’re in a pandemic, it really hurts the club since we can’t do much.”

Lucero mentions that they meet to have a reunion as both a team and as friends, but not much else is possible.

For clubs that have the privilege to meet as they do not require hands-on work, they still have their own set of troubles, such as getting attendance rates up.

The North Hollywood Film Club is one of many clubs that meet, and though they’re well known, they have faced difficulties in spreading the word.

Francesca Cariga, the Film Club PR, expresses that getting exposure is hard.

“It was just easier to talk to people in person than just reaching out through social media.”

In general, planning events can come with its own benefits and struggles.

“There are points where it’s difficult but there are points where it’s easier”

In regards to the webinar that BSU did in February, Williams expresses that “People have more free time to [plan]” and it takes stress off those involved.

I can vouch that this whole experience can be a struggle but that there are bright sides.

As president of the school’s GSA, it’s difficult getting word out to people who don’t have social media, who simply don’t have the time to go to meetings.

It’s rewarding to know, though, that despite this challenge, despite any feelings of discouragement, we are holding weekly meetings and planning future club events, like our upcoming webinar.

Our club isn’t the first to hold a webinar to celebrate a community and highlight their achievements, though.

Thankfully, quite a few clubs have thrived in the past month as there have been various webinars educating students much like the one BSU hosted.

For example, Empower and Zoo Magnet held webinars highlighting women and their accomplishments in honor of International Women’s Month.

Though it’s been tough, clubs manage to optimize their situation and continue to persevere despite the circumstances.