NoHo Hulking


Alongside the reopening of North Hollywood High Schools campus, the weight room is now open to North Hollywood students.  Currently, there are very few members that work out on a regular or daily basis, but the community is constantly growing.

The Weight Room

It may come as common sense that working out makes your muscles stronger and your body fitter.  “The phrase strength training is intimidating, but it’s enhancing your ability to move safely and effectively in your life,” explains Ramona Braganza, a Los Angeles based professional trainer.  Working out has way more to offer than just getting into, or maintaining a better physical shape.  Working out also benefits your sleep, mental health, calorie burn, weight loss, as well as disease management and prevention. 

The majority of students in the North Hollywood weight lifting club are glad they joined, and all of the daily weight room participants voiced positive experiences from what the weight room has to offer.  

A regular to the school weight room, “Zebastian Escalante” says this, “Yes, it was worth joining because it helps me grow physically and mentally”.  Although some newer members have not yet seen much improvement physically, many of the members have been very happy with their performance and “gains” after about only one month of regular workouts.


It doesn’t matter whether you have experience lifting weights or not because the members guide and help one another.  

An older member, Ando Ter, states, “Yeah, it’s lots of fun to be working out with my friends, and they are very helpful throughout my routines”.  In addition to having experienced lifters, the overall community is lots of fun, and very welcoming.

Whether you are a current, returning, or even a new member, the school’s weight room community is a great one to be a part of.  

Although working out alone has many benefits, your workout routines can be safer, more flexible, and overall more fun when having a group by your side.  Escalante also mentioned, “The weight room community is pretty friendly and welcoming”.  

Although the weight room has a various benefits, a major complaint is that they have missing dumb bells, or that they need more variety.  Billy Tran states, “We need more dumb bells, and one machine is somewhat broken”.  This is an annoyance to many of the members, however it does not hinder their workouts at all as they found ways around it.  Weight lifters and machine users share, trade off, and “spot” each other, making everyone’s experience safer and more enjoyable.

Typical Workout

The weight lifting community of North Hollywood high school, speaks very highly about their experiences in the weight room.  If you are looking for a local place to start working out for free, give the school weight lifting club a try.