Huskies Boys Volleyball: A New Season 23’

“…I can tell there’s a lot more progress than last year.”


After a successful girls volleyball season with coach Cruz it is now time to get into boys volleyball. 

Kevyn Cruz is the boys volleyball coach, and he is leading our huskies to greatness. They have been training really hard, and they have even had morning practices to lead to a good season. 

Players like Jeremiah Ortega are training hard outside of the school as well by going to open courts at gyms to play. He has played against college volleyball players and has learned so much through these D1 college players. This shows that these players are playing at a high level, and are dedicated to the sport. 

These players are so focused on winning their games by even training during nutrition and lunch. At the college center the volleyball team has a volleyball net set up to practice even when they don’t have to. This shows discipline. 

Last year the boys volleyball team managed to be 9-3 in league, so they were 2nd in the East Valley league. Overall, they were 14-8, so they had a win rating of 63.60%. 

Their first game of the season is against Sherman Oaks CES on Wednesday, February 22, at 4:00 PM. When they played against Sherman Oaks CES last year they won 3-0. This is a non league game, but it’s a great way to start the season.

The North Hollywood High School players are feeling confident about the new 2023 volleyball season. 

Coach Cruz expresses that “I feel good about this upcoming 2023 season. We got a lot of guys that are really good and can play at a high level, and I’m excited for this new season.”

Nathanael Velasquez said that he feels “like this season, we have a great team. Our defense is amazing, our offense is powerful. I feel like we stand a great chance against some of the best teams out there this season. I’m optimistic.”

Jeremiah Ortega feels “really excited about this upcoming season. I’m trying really hard, especially since it’s my last season, I wanna make the most out of it. Comparing my skills to last year, I can tell there’s a lot more progress than last year.”