New Decade, New Arcade


Old issue of The Arcade from 1935

The Arcade has leveled up! What was at one point a traditional newspaper is now becoming digital. Once forgotten, our paper is making a long awaited return to the school to provide insight into the Husky community here. Our team has put in tremendous amounts of work to provide you, the students of North Hollywood High School, with stories, media, and entertainment.

With this platform, we want to highlight important events and people at our school and our community, pop culture, and issues that impact our generation. We also want to grant all of you a chance to use your voice. This is your school, your paper. If there is a story idea you have, a piece of art or written work you want to share, or a problem you need advice on, we are here for you. We hope you enjoy the revival of The Arcade! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for future content.