Burger-I’M definitely coming back

McDonalds could never compare to BurgerIM’s gourmet burgers


BurgerIM, a fast growing burger chain, has opened new locations in the Valley and is continuing to open more spots in North Hollywood. BurgerIM is a gourmet burger spot where you can customize two or three mini-burgers, with many options. They have a variety of burger patty meats like wagyu beef, merguez beef, and falafel. Their new location will be located very close to North Hollywood High School on Magnolia and Lankershim, and I recommend everyone should check it out once it opens!

I consider myself a burger enthusiast. With several BurgerIM’s opening up around North Hollywood, I believed it was time for me to try out these gourmet burgers.

An interesting aspect of BurgerIM is that you can customize everything on the burgers. Each one comes with tomato, lettuce, onions, American cheese, and house sauce, but you can remove any of these if you want. You are able to choose what kind of bun, burger patty, and sauces you want and add more fillings into your mini-burgers such as onion rings, jalapenos, avocado, and bacon. There is the duo or trio (two or three mini-burgers), and I decided to get a duo. For the first burger I chose the potato bun, spanish beef patty, “caliente style,”and added extra jalapenos. The “caliente style” includes pepper jack cheese, jalapeno, habanero pepper mayo, and cajun seasoning. For the second burger, I chose the potato bun, wagyu beef patty, “California style,” and added jalapenos. The “California style” includes swiss cheese, avocado and mixed greens. The duo costs $6.99, but mine totaled to being about $11, because of the add-ons. I went on the weekend and it was very packed inside so I had to wait about 15-20 minutes for my food. Once I did get my food I was excited to try it. I began with the wagyu beef burger and the patty was very juicy and tender. The house sauce was packed with flavor, which helped bring the taste of the whole burger together. The avocado and mixed greens were fresh and crisp that it made the experience even better. This burger made me so excited I had to try the other one. The Spanish beef patty was also juicy and the seasonings were amazing, but what really made this burger delicious was the pepper jack cheese (my favorite type of cheese) and the sauce. The habanero pepper mayo had a little kick to it which I always enjoy and it paired well with the patty. I like how I customized each burger and I can’t wait to try other combinations. 

Many may say it’s “just a burger,” but I beg to differ. It’s not just a burger: it’s an experience. The experience of customizing it from top to bottom with a wide variety of options, the flavorful patty, mouthwatering sauces and toppings from BurgerIM does not compare to your typical cheeseburger from McDonalds. I will absolutely come back to try the other burger patties and burger styles. Thus, if you are looking for a good burger spot in the Valley that’s affordable, I highly recommend BurgerIM.