Panic Buying Won’t Save You

Panic buying is one of the worst things you could be doing right now.

Panic Buying Wont Save You

With the Covid-19 virus quickly spreading, it’s understandable that many students and parents are worried about how restaurants and other businesses closing their doors will affect them. Many have come to the conclusion that it would be best to stock up on both food and everyday living materials. Although many people have currently been in the mindset of “every man for themselves,” in this time of desperation, we tend to forget about the people who don’t have a chance to purchase these materials they need the most.  

          Several of the consumers in need of these groceries are older people, mothers who are struggling to find wipes and food for their babies, or even people with disabilities.  The large quantities customers purchase are extremely unnecessary, with many of their purchases most likely to go to waste. Overcrowded stores are continuing to grow, chaos stirring while many fight for food, water, and of course, toilet paper. 

           Out of all things people purchase,  toilet paper is the most sought out for. Because of this, many stores have been limiting them to two packs per customer.  Even with that policy in place, stores have still run out, causing the cycle to repeat. Unfortunately, most people purchase these large quantities to resell them for an unbelievable price. 

           Mothers have currently been on frustrating shopping trips desperately looking for supplies very much needed for their children. As the stock of these necessities have quickly decreased, stress levels increase for the mothers. Melissa Gonzalez, mother of two, shares her experiences during these tough times, saying, “It’s really all so stupid. To find diapers, wipes, even formula for my babies is really hard. Not even just for me, but all the moms out there. If people weren’t so inconsiderate we wouldn’t be in this situation. At the end of the day I’m trying to care for my children, people buying these things by the bulk is really stressing us out.” 

Since the virus has a higher risk towards the elders, many have been very precautious. Several elders are frightened to leave their homes, scared that they will catch the virus. This has led to them not having the opportunity to grab the groceries that they need. Many of us tend to forget about the elderly, what we don’t know is that they need our help the most. 

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti announced  that all dine-in restaurants and bars will be closed, with the exception of takeout and delivery. In addition to this, most grocery stores are changing their hours to help combat the surge in customers. This has caused many people to react harshly, fighting and buying anything they can. 

Covid-19 isn’t scary. What’s scary is the amount of people who have cleaned out store shelves and have completely disregarded the needs of others in a time like this. You don’t need four 24 packs of water bottles, and you definitely don’t need that much toilet paper. If worse comes to worse, we won’t have anything at all. If we stuck to purchasing only what we need, everyone would have a less tougher time during quarantine.