First In Our History

Varsity Girls Soccer Win the City Champs 


Elva Tovar

 In all of North Hollywood High’s history, our girls varsity soccer team has never won the city championship. This changed on February 29th, when our girls won against Northridge Academy Highschool. All of their hard work and dedication to the game had been worth it in the end when our lady huskies won 1-0. 

The whole game was very nerve wracking to say the least, for the crowd and for our girls. Our side of the bleachers was packed with friends and family all cheering the players on. One of the most nail biting events was when the Northridge girls missed a potential shot, but our girls knew to not let that slide. 

Within the first half, Emelie Reyes (#5) scored the first and only goal of the game, passing over the goalie´s head and into the goal. 

Throughout the whole game, some of our most amazing saves came from Samantha Molinari, demonstrating great performance while defending many of the balls that came into our territory. 

During the second half, Samantha continued to make some incredible saves from potential scores from the other team. Team Captain, Erika Samayoa also showed great defense, while also defending the dribbler down the sideline. 

Our girls took home the win, which was such an amazing feeling for everyone. Erika shared her emotions after the game, saying, “It was very tiring, especially since we scored it in the very first minutes, and just trying to hold it there and not let them score.” 

Michelle Nuyens, another one of our lady huskies shares her experience as a whole to be a part of such a team at North Hollywood. She explains, “The team is so hardworking as we have been through lots of wins and some losses. We have enough trust in each other in games because of all the practices we have had thanks to the coaches training. Each and every one of the players on the team are so passionate to achieve what they have their eyes set on. This whole experience has been a blast and if time could repeat itself I would do it all over again with these girls.” 

This year, several underclassmen had the opportunity to play on the team, including Byanca Garcia who plays as a central forward. Although being in a team of upperclassmen may seem intimidating, the strong bond of their family allows nothing but a warm and positive environment. She shares her emotions on winning a championship her first year here, saying, “I feel happy and proud, I’m glad that we could help the seniors win the championship title their last year, especially being a freshman it was a really great experience”

We couldn’t have been more proud of our girls for winning such a title, the first in our history. Although some may think it is the end, our ladies will soon be on their way to compete with the States. We will wish them nothing but luck, and hope they can take home what they deserve.