What Will Happen To AP Exams?

All The Changes To Expect This Year

What Will Happen To AP Exams?

Aida Urrutia

With the closure of LAUSD schools due to COVID-19, there has been much uncertainty of what will happen with school related events. One of the many concerns is how AP Exams will be administered. 

Erika Samayoa, a senior, is one of many students who still plans on taking the AP exams. “There’s a lot of material that’s already been taught so students should be given the opportunity to obtain credit from it.”

For those that still plan on taking their APs, there have been many changes to take into consideration.

Most exams will be 45 minutes long and consist of one or two free-response questions that will be on material learned up until early March. The exams will be taken online using any electronic device available – smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

If students prefer, they also have the option to write out their answers on paper and then submit a picture of it to the test online. Erika thinks this option will be better for her during the exam. “Although typing is faster, personally, I’m able to analyze and come up with ideas easily when I’m writing on paper.”

All AP exams will be given from May 11 through May 22 and make-up tests will be from June 1 through June 5. 

The exams will be open book/note meaning students can use class notes and previous assignments for reference while testing. However, the college board will also be using tools to detect plagiarism to ensure that each student submits their own work. 

Students who do not have access to the internet or do not own any electronic device would have to notify the college board by filling in a form to receive the proper assistance needed. There is also a new option for students to cancel all their exams at no charge.

Although there will be many changes to the traditional format of these exams, colleges are aware of the situation and have assured that these exams will still count for college credit.

In the meantime, the college board has prepared a new AP online course schedule to help students review for these exams. These courses will cover all of the AP exams that will be administered and will be taught by AP teachers from various regions across the country. 

Students can access these videos anytime on the Advanced Placement Youtube channel. A detailed schedule listing all the livestream lesson times is available on the college board website.

Overall, the college board understands the need for students to stay indoors and have developed a new way of administering these exams to ensure that students can still earn the college credit they worked so hard for.