Interact with Your Friends!

New ways to connect with your friends.

Interact with Your Friends!

Taylor Kim, Staff Writer

During this quarantine we’ve all experienced immense boredom. There possibly isn’t enough games, TV shows, and movies to help minimize the feeling of emptiness. It’s to the point where we miss going back to school because we miss our friends.

Cabin fever is at an all time high and it’s not even winter! This quarantine has definitely made staying at home unbearable so here are a few ways you can interact with your friends while self-isolating.

A simple way of keeping in touch is simply FaceTiming or any other app that allows you to video chat. Try to make a schedule when you guys chat so that you can keep in touch throughout this pandemic. Check up on one another and see how their daily life is going and what their daily routine is like. It’s important to keep up with people you care about especially during a time when everything is uncertain. So try to talk once in a while and converse!

We all know about the video conference app, Zoom, which many of have used for online classes but it has fun purposes too! As you know there is an option to share your screen, and with that feature you can watch movies or shows with your whole friend group while remaining on call.

It wouldn’t be like Netflix Party where you’re only limited to movies and TV shows on Netflix. You could watch anything from Hulu, Disney+, Netflix, and any other video streaming network. You guys will be able to just chat in the group chat or  just verbally engage each other. 

Another way you can connect with one another is by organizing virtual events! This means creating an event where you and your friends can join online and dress for the occasion to add to the fun. You can go all out with any theme like a formal dance, fancy dinner, or if any of your friends have birthdays coming up do a birthday celebration! Since we don’t have anywhere to go, we find ourselves dressing solely in our pajamas and it would be nice to have an excuse to put some effort. It would be a great way to have fun and make interesting memories with each other during this pandemic. 

Although connecting with your friends virtually is convenient, you can try a more old fashioned way to reach out by sending letters to one another! Write to one another and try to experience the excitement of receiving something in the mail and don’t forget the stamp! It would be a new way of communication and you could use this activity to write letters of appreciation.  It would be so nice to receive a letter from our friends during this quarantine. You can use this activity to reach out to your family members as well and see how they’re all coping during this difficult time. It’s always good to connect with your loved ones and this would be a heartfelt way to. 

Hopefully, this was helpful enough to keep you somewhat occupied during this quarantine. Try to find new ways of interacting with your friends and plan movie nights! Attempt to find creative ways to keep in touch during these difficult times because in the end, we only have each other.