College Decisions Covid-19’s affect on College Decisions

College Decisions Covid-19’s affect on College Decisions

Taylor Kim

This year has taken a lot from the seniors in high school but it’s also affected their ability to choose where they will spend the next four years. Many students have struggled with making their decisions because it’s different to visualize yourself at a campus and actually being able to feel the environment that you’ll be surrounding yourself with. It’s an essential part of your decision and it’s been striped away due to the virus. There are various aspects of college that students were looking forward to experiencing as incoming freshmen but sadly it has either been postponed or cancelled. 

Therefore, many students are upset and worried that they might regret their decision if everything is solely based on virtual interactions. So it’s been quite stressful for seniors who were depending on these visits to solidify their choices. Juliann Lee who is a senior at Larchmont High states “It’s frustrating because I’m down to two schools and I was hoping the visits would help solidify my decision”. It’s clear that it’s been draining for some students especially when some schools haven’t extended their enrollment date so they never may have the chance to visit before making a definite choice. Jaremy Kim, a senior at North Hollywood, says “I’m worried that I’ll regret the decisions I’ve made because I didn’t get to visit them”.

Students are frustrated because they’re missing out on many events that were planned for incoming freshmen, missing out on tours to select which building they would like to dorm, or meeting potential classmates instead of digitally. According to Anahi Gonzalez she states that “I was looking forward to it and it’s just very upsetting that the Class of 2020 is missing out on a lot of these events”. So it’s been difficult for students who have yet to decide where they feel like they belong. Some colleges usually have a reception for students to get to know the school on a deeper level apart from the orientation or some schools have a huge welcoming picnic for your family to gather. Sadly, they have all been canceled. 

These events were a crucial aspect of making a solid choice and it would have been more helpful in shaping their decisions. It’s merely not enough to make a choice from virtual introductions and orientations because there could also be a possibility that your connection isn’t great and you miss out. A senior, who would like to remain anonymous, states that “UC Irvine had to cancel their Celebrate Irvine event which then was moved to online but it’s harder because my connection kept failing and I wasn’t able to join and get the information I needed”. Therefore not everyone has the same opportunity to receive the confirmation they need to make the perfect match. The virus has stopped a great number of students from finalizing a choice. 

The seniors have no control over the cancellation of these events which make it all the more upsetting. However, this means they have to dig deeper and look for which school most upholds their values the most. Although it may be difficult and frustrating, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and make the best out of what is offered. So make sure to attend the virtual tours, gatherings and orientations so that you’re not left in the dark about important details. Good luck on committing to your future school!