How Music Helps Us Cope

Why music is an important factor during the quarantine.


Music has a very incredible way of making a huge difference in people’s lives, whether it be through personal reasons or even a global pandemic.

While we face the dangers of Coronavirus from our homes in self-isolation, it seems music has made a huge difference in terms of atmosphere. Nine Inch Nails surprised many by releasing two phenomenal ambient albums during this pandemic. Fiona Apple has recently announced a digital release of her long-awaited new album which have cheered the spirits of many. 

With the extra time given, a lot of people seem to be indulging themselves in music like never before. I’ve had multiple conversations with a variety of people who all seem to agree that music is something that’s been keeping them together during these trying times. Music is making a difference this time, on a personal level especially.   

“Honestly, music has been one of the only things keeping me sane,” states fellow student Ari Rozen, “It’s kind of incredible how mind-numbing the quarantine has been, I mean you don’t get that mental stimulus of engaging with other people and being forced to really think. And the quarantine has allowed me to expose myself to all these awesome projects I never had the time for before. I’m listening to music more deeply and more often, it’s super enriching to throw myself into a record and come out with a new experience. Music keeps me thinking and it keeps me mentally engaged instead of kind of just rotting here.” 

As the world as we know it is changing at a rapid pace, it’s not weird to wonder “Well, where do we go from here?” We’ve never seen anything like this before in our lifetime, and it’s okay to be frightened or unsure. This isolation seems to be impacting people with mental illnesses more than ever. Thankfully, music has a therapeutic knack for helping people find their place in a world that’s changing as quickly as ours is right now. 

“Music has helped pass time honestly. It’s helped me feel less lonely. If I’m not on a call with someone, chances are I’m listening to music and there’s some artists that when I listen to their songs it makes me realize ”Hey! This is sorta my chance to heal!” says Sasha Leslie.  

As we have been sitting at home, restless, awaiting an end to this chaos, music has helped us deal with the uncertainty of our future. 

On a personal level for me, music has always been a rock, helping me through my toughest times, always being something I can rely on. When life was busy and bustling and full of deadlines, I found it harder to listen thoroughly and feel emotions artists were trying to convey when I could only feel my own stress.

During this quarantine, it has been so much easier for me to get lost in the music, fluidly moving from one album to another, exploring one artist after the next. I can’t remember the last time I could experience music like this.