No Excuses, Go Vote!!


Our generation is often looked down as a bunch of lazy teens who have their hands sewed to our phones. However, what older people might not know is that when a lot of us are on our phones, it’s because we’re on our social media accounts speaking up for what we believe in. We see issues in our country that we don’t agree on and attempt to create change in any small way we can. The thing about 2000s babies is we know that we have to create the change we wanna see in the world. When the primary elections were occuring in March, I remember seeing voting stickers on a lot of seniors and an endless amount of posts on Instagram and Snapchat pushing those of age to vote. Seniors started their freshman year and witnessed Trump taking office. A lot of us were mortified and we spent our high school careers speaking up for issues we believe in and anxiously waiting for these four years to pass. And boy did they fly! Now, we’re seniors and we can vote. However, not everyone is happy because their favorite candidate, who they had high hopes for, might not have made it to the final nomination. I speak this from experience because I myself was a huge Bernie supporter and for the first time in four years, I had hope in our country. And when it was announced that Bernie dropped out of the race, I was devastated. I’m not here to tell you who to vote for but I am gonna say one thing: vote this November. Now I know what you’re thinking, “you’re contradicting yourself, you’re being a hypocrite” but let me tell you something, Presidential elections aren’t the only election happening in November. There’s also congressional elections. This year, they take place on November 3rd. The House of Representatives currently has 435 seats available for election and the Senate has 35 seats available. While these positions aren’t the same as President, they have a lot of power in the policy making process. Our state of California has 53 districts and each district is represented by one representative. I understand that voting might seem useless now because the person you wanted isn’t there anymore but there is still purpose to your vote. And if the candidate you’re rooting for is still running, don’t waste your vote! You have the right that many others don’t and you should use that to have your voice be heard. Registering only takes you 10 minutes and you can do it right here: