Resorting to Online Shopping

Online shopping has become both a form of entertainment and a necessity during quarantine, as it allows people to stay inside the comfort of their homes without having to go outside.

The possibilities are endless on the types of things you can order from your couch and have delivered to your home in a matter of hours or days. 

Leana Khan, a senior at North Hollywood High School, states, “I am grateful for it [online stores]. It makes life so much easier. You can pay for faster shipping and sometimes it’s free.”

Khan is not the only one who is grateful for online stores.

A fellow senior at North Hollywood High School, Palvi Sabherwal, loves it as well. “I think it’s pretty great. With online delivery, you can get stuff just in the comfort of your own home.” 

Shopping is essential. Everyone needs to buy groceries, clothes, and random stuff that are probably not important. However, it is hard to go shopping in public without worrying about COVID-19.

Online delivery helps this worry go away, even if it’s just a little. Sabherwal uses this opportunity to her advantage. “My family has been buying online delivery groceries. I’ve also been buying phone accessories and clothes online. Especially sleepwear.”

Desiree Alvarado, a senior at North Hollywood High School, does not use online shopping for groceries, but she uses it for other supplies. “I buy books online, but I mainly spend money on clothing compared to other items.” 

Many people enjoy simply surfing online stores and adding things to cart, even if there is no purchase made.

Online shopping can come with ups and downs but what people enjoy most of all is being able to shop comfortably at home. Khan comments, “I’ve definitely spent a lot of time browsing and then taking many things out of my cart, but it still gives me joy and something to do.” 

Many people have found that the option of online shopping is endless. Sabherwal finds herself  “spending a lot of money on groceries,” because it is safer and convenient having it shipped to her door.

In-person shopping was an activity for family and friends to bond or get items they needed for their livelihood, but with the risks that come when people go to shops, online shopping helps fill this void. 

Although, one of the many inconveniences of online shopping is not being able to see the item in person.  When it comes to buying clothes, Alvarado expressed that “There are so many clothes I see online and think ‘I want to try them on.’” Alvarado hopes that one day, “ maybe after quarantine, I can go to the store in person and see if I want those products.” 

There are also worries about whether the product will turn out to be similar to the photo.

For clothes, Alvarado would rather not take this risk. “I prefer to try on the clothes in person so that I know it fits me.” Oppositely, Khan already knows what would look nice and what fits well. “I never try on clothes even when I go to a store. I already have an idea of what fits my body. I take measurements and look at the size chart when I online shop.” 

Although many people miss the experience of going to stores, during this pandemic, many people have realized the convenience and online shopping.