Spirit Weeks Lacking Spirit

School spirit continues to decline during remote learning.


Source: Blogspot.com

All throughout quarantine and online school, our school has done its best to keep the students entertained and motivated. 

Additionally, the leadership students are constantly in the search of new fun activities, spirit weeks, or fundraisers that the students can participate in. 

For every holiday and special date that approaches, leadership comes up with countless ways to raise the spirit and make the best out of online school, as students are not able to participate in any in person related activities.

 From doing spirit weeks for holidays, to raising awareness of mental health and doing fun game nights, they have done their best to make the students feel as accommodated as possible during these difficult times. 

Unfortunately, most students miss out on these opportunities because they feel as if they are not as fun and are essentially disappointed at the fact that there has been an immense change from in person school to online classes.

 “I do appreciate the work ASB and Student Council have put for us because it can genuinely be fun for people, but from what I have gathered from friends and the rest of my class, it is difficult to accept that those activities are the most fun during online school” an anonymous student explains. 

Source: NoHo ASB Instagram

Additionally, the same student describes “wearing themed clothes is just something that  does not interest many people and although I am aware of how complicated these times are, I wish there could be more  interesting ways to keep in contact or to do other than Zooms during our break times”. 

Jasmine Orellana, the ASB President, states that although people are not as excited to participate in these activities, they understand that online school is different and everyone lives through different situations “, “you don’t know what is happening in other people’s lives and we just try to brighten people’s days basically…”

She also describes, “it is disappointing at times when students are not as involved but it is understandable because at school you see everyone dress up and go to the activities and now everyone is more laid back with Zoom so it is not the same high school experience that they normally get”. 

On the other hand, the people that work in any leadership class feel impotent to the students that are unable to enjoy their activities.

Somara Oliva, a student from Student Council expresses the fact that her class has been working diligently to make sure everyone enjoys their plans, “although we are not in school, I still believe we can have fun, and our only hope as a class is to make as many fun activities for juniors and seniors as possible”. 

Ultimately, these activities are just meant to make online school the best experience possible Orellana mentions. Even to those who are not able to participate in the activities, leadership is meant to do their best to improve the high school experience as much as they can, and so far they have been able to do their best at doing so.