Join The Husky Blue

A normal school year on campus would consist of assemblies, spirit weeks, and pep rallies, but this was no ordinary school year. This has resulted in all these events becoming virtual, but they never brought much school spirit.

Like many other schools, North Hollywood High School has had trouble having spirit through these dark times. Now that the school year is coming to an end, the headteacher of the Music Department, Mr.Sharp has decided to host a showcase involving the entire school, called the Husky Blue.

The Husky Blue is a showcase where students and teachers can put their creativity to the test by creating skits and be a part of music videos, including songs made by students in the music department.

Mr. Sharp commented that “This is my idea of spirit for the school. Everything has been via zoom, and this allows students to create a spirit activity but have some planning. Where you can be creative visually and where we can all give a sense of community and a show where we feel like we are all a part of it.”

This is the first time Mr.Sharp has planned something like this before so it has taken him a while to prepare everything and come up with original ideas for students to do. 

“It’s a rare opportunity to do things that have never been done before. Most of us have scrambled to make things work and have now evolved and adapted. I saw a unique opportunity to do just this. Planning has taken weeks and it is still evolving.”

Angelo Frisina, a senior at North Hollywood High School and Drum Major of the Marching band said about the showcase, “Husky Blue feels like a much larger project than any other project that the music department has taken on so far. It’s more of a community outreach event which is very entertaining and exciting.” 

While Frisina shares his thoughts on the project he says, “The fact that it doesn’t strictly adhere to a music project is awesome and very creative.” Frisina shares that  Mr. Sharp has been taking inspiration from SNL, comedy sketches, and anything that can help to bring the community together.

“So rather than an hour-and-a-half-long showcase of just student-created videos and virtual productions with music, instead it’s more of a story that connects to the average person that just wants to watch something entertaining and I really enjoy that.”

As the music department students gather their own skits and music videos that they create, students and teachers can participate too. Students and teachers can submit their own home footage to any of the 5 songs that the music department is making music videos to. 

“The goal is to have as much home footage to include tons of different students and faculties. The music videos are kinda like digital yearbooks and it shows different people and different elements doing different things. One of the songs has a theme about athletics and perseverance so it would show students in their elements like practicing for football or basketball.”

Lastly, Mr. Sharp adds that “So far many students haven’t been turning in anything. Unfortunately, it’s been dismal and the excitement has eroded. No skits have been turned in. I’m not sure we’ll get any. What I’m asking takes a lot of time, tech skills, and creativity”

If you are interested in submitting home footage to any of the 6 songs fill out these google forms below. All home footage must be submitted by May 15th.