How can Being in Zoo Magnet Benefit You?

How can Being in Zoo Magnet Benefit You?

Zoo magnet is a program that could offer many benefits. Some people can enroll in it, it looks great on college applications, and you can even get into a good college. In addition, the Zoo Magnet program can provide you with the opportunity to learn how to take responsibility for animals and strengthen your leadership and communication skills.

According to Mr. Katzman “There are more job opportunities like being a vet or working at the Zoo”, as he explains there are great opportunities if you join the Zoo Magnet.

The Zoo Magnet

Moreover, Nathaniel Katzman, a freshman at North Hollywood High School, likes to think about becoming a veterinarian because of his fascination with animals. He enjoys being in the Zoo magnet program since all of his classmates are very nice to him, furthermore, he enjoys the way the upperclassmen treat him.

 For instance, as Ms.Cunningham says “Yes, of course, I would say it makes you learn more about what you love most, and you are more likely to get into cool places (colleges)” Ms. Cunningham described what she thinks that being in the Zoo Magnet program can benefit you. 

Emerson Cunningham attends North Hollywood High School and dreams of becoming a marine biologist in the future. Ms. Cunningham would love to work with seals and sea lions in an aquarium. She enjoys spending time at the Zoo especially since she has great and accepting teachers and is able to interact with the animals there. 

Ms. Cardoso explains “Well, I would say it benefits me cause I want to become a vet and well if you wanna study animals I would say the Zoo Magnet is for you” which makes it seem as if studying animals is something you enjoy then you might wanna consider joining the  Zoo Magnet. 

Angelina Cardoso is a 15-year-old girl that is in her Sophomore year and dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Ms. Cardoso thinks that the Zoo magnet program is great because they usually go to the Zoo when the teacher gives them an assignment when it has to do with the animals. 

Furthermore, they added that they have plenty of fun while in the program and get to meet a lot of great people. So, overall, the students have said that they think the Zoo Magnet program can be a huge benefit to them.