NHHS Christmas Movie Favorites

NHHS Christmas Movie Favorites

The Holidays, a time for baked goods, family, and best of all the movies! There’s a top tier to holiday movies when it comes to Christmas. During the 2000s and 90s the cinema industry produced iconic movies.

Holiday movies make for the best time to get wrapped up in a blanket and enjoy. Each Christmas themed holiday movie primarily centers around the themes; joy of celebrating the holiday, love, and family.  However, everyone prefers a different type of theme and genre to sit through and watch for an hour or so. 

In a recent poll, people voted for the holiday movie that they prefer to watch when the holidays come around. The choices on the poll included: Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Santa Clause. Students attending NHHS participated in voting what Christmas movie they enjoy watching the most.

Out of the five movies on the poll, Home Alone at 25 votes, The Nightmare Before Christmas at 18 votes, Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas at 6 votes, The Santa Clause at 5 votes, and It’s a Wonderful Life at 0 votes. 

Released in 1990, “Home Alone”, tells the story of Kevin McAllister being forgotten by his family when they leave for a family vacation. Kevin lives the lone wolf life in the house, enjoying the freedom and being away from his chaotic family. From then on, Kevin McAllister single handedly takes down two robbers who have been scheming a plan to rob the McAllister home. In addition, The Home Alone movie has made a worldwide of 476.7 million dollars in box office sales.

Moreover, “The Nightmare Before Christmas” movie by Tim Burton was filmed in stop motion and is a global fan favorite of Disney’s production. “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” entails Jack Skellington having gotten bored of living in a world where there’s no change and goes out to explore what other holidays there are. Jack Skellington discovers Christmas and gets infatuated with it; he decides to bring it to where he lives. 

“Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” depicts the protagonist, the Grinch, loathing Christmas with all his passion. That is until he meets Cindy Lou Who, a little girl who puts on her investigator hat to find out why the Grinch doesn’t love Christmas. Furthermore, the movie’s costume and makeup department did an outstanding job recreating the fictional characters adapted from the children’s book, contributing to the fictional story coming to life.

The “Santa Clause Movie” is a fantasy movie where all the mythical creatures are real and tells the story of Scott Calvin who takes on the role of Santa Clause. Throughout Christmas Eve he gets transported to the North Pole where he discovers the ins and outs of how Santa Claus completes his job. Afterwards, he goes through the difficult dilemma of being Santa Claus and growing his connection with his son. 

The film “It’s a Wonderful Life” an all time classic Christmas film that is big in cinema history, and for that reason included in the poll was released in 1964. It depicts George Bailey on Christmas day wanting to give up on his life. Just a few moments when his life is about to conclude, he gets visited by an Angel. With the help of the angel, George is able to see what life would’ve been like if he weren’t to exist at all. 

With the year 2021 ending right before Christmas, it’s the perfect timing to choose a movie to watch with loved ones. Each movie has a unique Christmas spirit portrayed through the screen waiting to be watched!