The Start Of A New North Hollywood High


As many students who attend North Hollywood High already know, the school will be experiencing a lot of exciting changes throughout the next few years in the form of construction! With many buildings being torn down and many being built from square one, the campus will look like a completely new place in a matter of a few years. It seems as if the future of North Hollywood High and all of its current and future huskies is looking very good!

In an interview with Mr.Chavez, the current Vice Principal of the school, Chavez answers many questions that are frequently asked about the current construction. He discusses the budget of the project, the start and estimated end dates that are currently predicted, what is to be built, and also mentions the records that this construction project is breaking amongst LAUSD.

“First part of construction which is called phase zero which is more prepping for building started about two years ago” said Chaves as he was talking about the start and end date of the project. He went on to say that the proposed end date of the project is currently 2025 but mentioned that a lot of pieces will be completed little by little and not all at once.  

When asked what students should expect to see built fully next, he stated “ In the next year we will have a brand new gym, 6 months after that we’ll have a brand new building, so the completion is coming in stages.” As soon as next year, all Huskies will have brand new buildings to enjoy, and the school will get more new buildings as time passes. 

“Construction in front of the East gym is going to be a new building with over 50 classrooms, it will be the new modern science lab” said Chavez when asked about what is currently being built in front of the East gym since that is what seems to be standing out the most to students currently. He went on to say that the building should be ready to be opened and in full use during the Spring of 2023. The building will be very modern with many wonderful features, hence why it is very much worth the wait. 

“East gym will eventually be torn down and West gym will be torn down but that won’t happen until the new gym is open.” When asked when the new gym is predicted to open, he said “it is supposed to open during the Fall of 2022” and emphasized that less than a year from now, the school will have a brand new gym. He stated that the gym will be two stories, including a boys and girls locker room, multiple practice courts, and multiple gyms, making the gym extremely big. 

“It keeps exceeding the budget, originally it was $250 million and now it is an excess of $320 million” stated Chavez when asked about the budget of the projects and went on to emphasize that it is the largest modernization project in the history of LA Unified, making North Hollywood once again a record breaking school. 

After being asked what Chavez thought students should know, he went on to say that “the gym is a state of the art gym” and proceeded to talk about the construction of the gym. He stated that since the gym was so large, they had to use the biggest piece of steel to construct the ceiling and mentioned that they are using materials that have never been used in LA Unified before. “It will be one of the nicest gyms in the district, if not the nicest” emphasized Chaves while talking about all the records the gym will be breaking. 

“The new building is interesting because it’s actually going to attach to the current Kennedy, so there will be a walkway from the edge of Kennedy to the new building” stated Chavez when talking about the new building being constructed. He went on to say that there will eventually be a bridge built from Kennedy to Frasher, making it possible to walk from the new building all the way to Frasher without having to exit any building at any point! He also stated that the majority of the classrooms will be within those buildings while the rest of the campus will have the gym, an auditorium, the cafeteria, fields, and many other features soon to come. 

All huskies, current and upcoming, should expect some great changes within the next few years! With a project that has a budget this high, great things are soon to come, making the North Hollywood campus one of the absolute best throughout all of LAUSD which is one of the largest districts in all of the United States.