The Batman Movie


The Batman Movie Poster

The new movie “The Batman”, played by Robert Patterson, was released March 4, 2020. Many batman fans were very excited and ready to watch the movie. Others may recognize Batman  from the movie “Twilight” , Robert Patterson played Edward who was a vampire. 

It’s rated 85% from rotten tomatoes. Worldwide the film grossed $463.2 Million through its second weekend. The Films synopsis, Batman ventures into the Gotham city underworld and brings justice when a killer leaves cryptic clues. At a DC Fandom, Matt Reeves the director of the film said Darwyn Cooke’s 2000 comic books “Batman: Ego and other tales” inspired him to make the film. Like many directors, Reeves was anxious to see the final cut which is the final edited version of the film. 

Catwoman was featured in the movie, she’s played by Zoe Kravtiz. In the movie she was there to help Batman solve the mysteries. In an article by screen rant it states that Robert Patterson had to change his “batman voice” because it was so bad. It also says that Patterson and Reeves would butt heads while filming, Patterson would get a bit frustrated with his acting. He saw how poor he was delivering his role and would make improvements after being told. 

Lindsey, a student from North Hollywood High school said  “It was a really good movie and was worth the 2 hours and 56 minutes, but the villain kind of looked like Jeffrey Dommer, which threw me off. But I definitely would watch it again.”

Many would agree that this Batman movie was the best, not only because of the actors but because of the amount of thought that was put into the film. Another student from North Hollywood High school said “ Being a huge batman fan I could say all the batman films were grate, however this one may be my #1 favorite Batman movie so far” said April Medina. 

 This movie left many audience members speechless and satisfied with how well it was put together.  The director showed how to bring a comic book to life. As well the soundtrack was one of the best, it elevates everything in the movie. Batman is back and better than ever.