How have spiking gas prices affected Americans?

How have spiking gas prices affected Americans?

The United States gas prices are going up from once $4 to now $6. Americans are becoming affected by it. Now they pay over $60 for a full tank. Not only are adults affected by this, but teens are as well. 

Some high school teens have cars that are not cheap; adding high gas prices does not make it any better. Most teens pay for gas with money that comes out of their pockets. Driving is expensive, especially for teens who work minimum wage jobs. 

“The gas prices have affected me because I went from $50 to $70 for a full tank,” said Misael Diaz, a Junior at North Hollywood. 

Misael is a student who works almost every day. He also pays for the increasing gas prices. He drives a 2001 Acura Integra that holds up to 13 gallons of gas which are about $210 -$280 weekly if he fills it up 3 or 4 times a week. 

“To me, gas has gone over a whole dollar and 50 cents per gallon,” Diaz continued. 

The reason for high gas prices is the war between Ukraine and Russia. The United States has been getting its main supply of oil from Russia. Since Russia has been attacking Ukraine and does not plan on stopping anytime soon, the U.S and other countries cut off all supplies from Russia. 

Why are gas prices going up? The U.S is only supplying itself with oil at the moment. They are looking into other countries to be their suppliers; however, nothing has happened yet. Many say the president makes up these prices; that is not the case. Oil prices are controlled by private companies, not the government. 

Some find it hard to fill up 5 gallons of gas which are about $35; getting a full tank is about $60. People fill up their tanks sometimes every day or every other day, depending on where they are driving. That is about $180-$420 a week if you pay $60 for gas.

“Since I have a Ford F 150, gas prices have affected my drive,” said Mr. Lepore, a teacher in the Agricultural area.

Mr. Lepore drives a Ford F 150 that can hold up to 24 gallons of gas. Since gas has risen, he pays $135 to fill a tank. To him, the gas prices have been over $1.50 in the last two months. Mr. Lepore lives in Studio City and drives down to North Hollywood every day.

Overall with prices going up for gas and even food, people struggle to keep it up. At the moment, gas is “killing” people right now financially. What we need to do is help those in need in Ukraine and give them support right now.

Nevertheless, gas prices don’t seem to be going down anytime soon.  We can only hope it does in the near future.