Climate’s Change on Students

Strike Images at Downtown Los Angeles

Strike Images at Downtown Los Angeles

Climate change has been a topic argued around the world for years. For some North Hollywood High School students, taking part in the climate change protest in Downtown Los Angeles on March Eighteenth, 2022, was their show of support.

In addition to the city’s protest, North Hollywood High School held a walkout in front of Kennedy hall for climate change. However, other students held their presence on the streets of Los Angeles.

Although students had the option to take part in the school’s walkout, they chose to attend a larger protest during school hours to take part in.

Gathering of students from different high schools around Los Angeles

Junior Richardo Munoz, joined the protest in Downtown Los Angeles, as he believes, “This year’s show of support would be much larger than previous because of health concerns, so taking part became more important”. In addition to his take on what’s currently being done to combat climate change, “More could be done to definitively put a halt to the damage being done to our planet, but spreading awareness for everyone to do their part is one of the first steps”.

Jaden Arciniega, husky freshman, shares the same interest to support the city’s movement, “It’s great that our school allowed for a show of support on the fight against climate change”. 

Although some felt they should attend Downtown’s protest, other students believed the school’s walkout was as effective a protest against climate change.

Emilio Urrutia husky Senior, appreciates the school’s allowing a walkout during class hours of the day, “It’s an important cause for other students to be aware of”. Furthermore, the future that climate change may lead us to, “Keeping the coming years in mind with the effect of climate change should be enough to want us to raise awareness and begin action”.

Freshman Lance Jones, took part in the school walkout, “Students putting in the effort of making posters to raise awareness was inspiring to see … those who couldn’t make it to the protest in Downtown from North Hollywood we’re still able to do their part”.

Since students showed their support through different held protests, awareness was raised on the topic of climate change in North Hollywood as well as the entirety of Los Angeles. Students’ willingness and time is taken to protest against climate change remains as shown in previous years.