Gas Prices exponentially increase, affecting North Hollywood and Los Angeles


Marcio Jose Sanchez

Gas prices are advertised at over six dollars a gallon Monday, March 7, 2022, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Gas prices have been so high these past few weeks due to geopolitical events happing in the world right now. Los Angeles, naturally having a high cost of living, has been seeing insane prices of six to seven dollars a gallon. 

Since the US banned imports of Russian oil on March 8th, due to the Ukraine invasions, it has caused gas prices to be around 70% more than they were last year. Citizens in Los Angeles share their thoughts and concerns about the financial stray of gas. 

Jasmine Soltani, a sophomore at Occidental College mentions, “ I don’t live on campus I live about 10 miles away from campus so I do have to drive But lately it’s been a strain.”

She also mentions how It’s been inconvenient writing Ubers as well, “ Usually when I come back from parties or when I am not in the conditions of driving I order an Uber but even that has been more expensive as well.”

Soltani explains that the only way she’s been able to save money on gas is by carpooling with friends and roommates and they split the gas costs.

A Senior from North Hollywood high school who would like to remain anonymous also mention the struggles of high gas prices and how it’s been affecting his family. “My mom has been walking to work and me and my little brother walk to school,” he says, “ We don’t live too far so it’s not that big of a deal but on days where it’s hotter or sunnier than others it can be a dread.”

Others no longer see a point of getting a car in LA or a license. Joycelyn Flores, a junior at North Hollywood High explains, “ Some of my friends don’t even want to get their license anymore. And I got mine as soon as I turned 17 and I was planning on buying a car but now my parents think it’s pointless to buy a car since I probably can’t afford the gas.”

She emphasized why she was looking forward to her own car, “ I have been having to take the metro to school for quite a few years now and I have ran into some Situations where I don’t want to be in like homeless people harassing me or being in a crowded bus and so many other things that come with public transportation.” Flores was looking forward to a better commute to school, “ I really want in my own car to avoid the metro. But with a minimum wage job part time I genuinely cannot afford the gas needed in order to drive to work and drive to school every day.”

Others have found ways to save more money on gas. Donald Pricken, a tennis coach at Weddington tennis bought an electric scooter to get to work with, “ I don’t live too far away from my job so I thought maybe buy my own electric scooter that are often seen on the streets would save me some money and it definitely has.”

He also mentions reactions he has gotten from people, “ A lot of people have given me funny luxe or laughs to see a grown man on a scooter casually going to work with a big bag of tennis equipment but it has genuinely save me a lot of gas and I would rather be laughed at than spend more money.”

Wow many citizens in Los Angeles have been struggling with the new gas prices there are others who have been accommodating and adapting. It is suggested for people to start getting used to these gas prices as experts believe that prices will not be dropping anytime soon.