Multicultural Fashion Show


A group of students wearing their ethical clothes.

North Hollywood High School’s “Multicultural” was on Thursday May 19, 2022. Multicultural was an event for anyone who wanted to participate to show off their culture. It took place in the amphitheater, which was turned into a runway for the fashion show segment. 

Anyone who wanted to join had to complete two google forms. Everyone was allowed to join. In fact, Leadership encouraged as many students to participate as possible.

Emily and Ani wearing clothes from their respective countries.

Multicultural had a fashion show that Leadership recorded a video of on Wednesday May 18, and uploaded it on Thursday on a big screen for everyone to watch. 

There was no chosen winner, as it’s all about showing support for other cultures. Leadership student Kimberly Cortes said, “Multicultural is all about celebrating another culture and supporting them.” 

Leadership student Kimberly Medina also said that “many students really wanted to participate in the fashion show, but not many teachers wanted to join.”

Yari Navarro wearing a shirt from Honduras

For Multicultural it’s all about showing off the different style of clothing from other cultures and being able to see the similarities and differences in each culture.

When Multicultural took place they presented the video that was filmed of people wearing their culture’s clothing out in the Amphitheater on a big screen.

Two Girls wearing ethnic dresses

Another leadership student Victoria Gomez also added that they were “trying to make this fashion show as if it was those videos you see on YouTube and play on a big screen for everyone to see at lunch.”