Tis The Season For Holiday Grams

“Decide What’s In Store For You”


Start The Holidays With What You Want!

ASB will possibly be giving the students of North Hollywood High School a chance to decide what they would like to have in the holiday grams this year! Year after year, it’s been the same teddy bear and candy basket with a letter. The idea itself is still cute, but the students need something new and refreshing to give to their friends.

“It’s still being decided as to what we’ll have, but it’s really up to fundraising to finalize what will go down,” says Jocelyn Sandoval, a senior and the co-chair of the spirit committee in ASB. Sandoval’s position requires her to help finalize decisions on the school’s spirit decorations and other festive events that call for going all out (such as the week before Thanksgiving, for example). 

“Ashly and Jackie are the chairs of fundraising, so they’re the ones in charge of all of that. I doubt they would want to because we have a good amount of the presents and supplies left from last year, so there’s no point in buying new things if we already have them, but I suggest asking fundraising to find out more…”, reiterates Sandoval, co-chair of the spirit committee. She states she will bring this idea to the attention of others in ASB as she too is in favor of having personalized gifts.  

“I think it would be cool to incorporate other cultures, and maybe some religions as well since North Hollywood is so diverse,” says Cianna Marin, a senior from the ASB spirit committee. She hopes to see more variety in the gifts that will be handed out and thinks that giving the students the opportunity to choose presents will show who we are as a community. 

It is still a bit unclear as to whether or not the fundraising committee is fully on board with the idea of catering to the demands of the students. But, needless to say, there could be a possibility. 

Holiday grams will be taking place on the 16th of December, the week before winter break. If you have any ideas, make sure to spread it around in order to have your voice heard.