Movies To Watch This Holiday Season


One of the most heartwarming moments of the holiday season is curling up on the couch with your family and loved ones, with popcorn and hot chocolate, watching a movie. Here’s a list of the Holiday movies North Hollywood High school students will be watching. 

Home Alone: This is definitely the most popular movie among students. Yuridia Hernandez, an 11th-grade STEM student, said, “ Literal childhood,” and “Seriously, how did the robber people not die – they have been through so much. Points for the white kid though.”

Plot: Kevin McCallister, an 8-year-old troublemaker, was mistakenly left home by his family during Christmas vacation. He was enthralled by the fact that he has the whole house to himself, but then he realizes that two men are trying to break into his house and now it’s up to him to defend his home. 

Free Birds: This is an animated movie that is great to watch with family this upcoming Thanksgiving. Francisco Gramajo, an SAS 11th grade student, said, “Free Birds is a funny animated movie that anyone of all ages can enjoy.” 

Plot: Two turkeys, Jake and Reggie, go back in time to the first Thanksgiving to stop turkeys from becoming the traditional dinner every year.

New Year’s Eve: A film directed by Garry Marshall, this is a romantic comedy great for the upcoming New Year. Andres Cardona, a 10th grader, said, “It’s my mom’s favorite movie, so we watch it all the time.”

Plot: Multiple love stories are told in one movie, with each story focusing on promise love, hope, forgiveness, and second chances.

Elf: This is a Christmas comedy film directed by Jon Favreau. Tico Jimenez, a 12th grader, said, “It’s a hilarious movie, and it’s not cheesy like other Christmas movies.”

Plot: Buddy, a man who grew up in the North pole with Santa’s elves, decided to move to New York in search of his father. After a DNA test, he finds out his father is Walter Hobbs, a ruthless businessman. His father continuously tries to build a relationship with him but each time he tries, everything seems to get much worse.

Jingle All the Way:  This is a Christmas family comedy movie directed by Brian Levant. Matteo Gossin, a 11th grade STEM magnet student, said “The movie is actually so bad that it is good.”

Plot: Howard Langston, an extremely busy man that never has time for his family, tries to make it up to his wife and son. He tells his son that he will buy him the most popular toy Turbo Man. But he soon realizes that the toy is completely sold out. But he doesn’t give up, he goes on a quest to get his son a Turbo Man.

Holidate: This romantic comedy film directed by John Whitesel is about bringing a significant other to your holiday gathering. Angel Marquez, a 9th-grade honor student, said “ I know my sister is gonna play that on the TV during Thanksgiving. ”

Plot:  Not wanting to be single in front of their families during holiday, two strangers decide to act as each other’s significant other.

These are some of the movies North Hollywood students will be watching with their family and friends during these upcoming holidays. Watching a movie together provides a sense of protection and warmth among your family and friends.