Ye Can’t Comeback From Himself

Would you support someone who has admitted to being a nazi? 


With Recent news of Ye’s, Formally Kanye West, history of admiring the Nazis, his fans and people who have listened to his music are questioning how he’ll dig himself out of this massive hole he’s dug himself, or rather if he’ll be able to. Student’s living in North Hollywood are trying to scope out the possible ramifications of Ye’s words, and how they will negatively impact the community and youth.

The anti-semitism that Ye has been preaching in recent months has adverse effects not only on the Jewish community but youth worldwide as His views are harmful and promote hate. “He should not be looked up to in any sense anymore & should not be given a platform to spew such nonsense,” said Valeria Cardenas, a senior at North Hollywood Highschool. 

Ye Has been stirring up the media in the past few months and it is widely believed it is due to his suspected mental health issues. Ye denies having any health issues and is even offended by this. “They keep on using the ‘Oh he’s crazy, he’s crazy thing. And it hurts my feelings when people say that.” said Ye on Fox New’s Tucker Carlson Tonight

During the Alex Jones interview where Ye stated he admired the Nazis, he even claimed himself to be one. Not only did he claim to be a Nazi, but he claimed that Hitler had redeeming qualities and that he never massacred any Jewish people. “I think it’s crazy that the media has allowed him to get this much exposure and has enabled this type of behavior,” said Abbygail Oropeza, a sophomore at North Hollywood Highschool.