What are the Learning Communities?

North Hollywood’s academies and what they’re all about!


At North Hollywood High School there are six different learning communities. They consist of SAS (School of Advanced Studies), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), HGM (Highly Gifted Magnet), NHA (North Hollywood Academy),HEA (Home Engineering Academy), and Zoo Magnet. All the academies specialize in different subjects. 

The SAS is a program for gifted and high achieving students. The students take all core subjects as honors classes or College Board approved advanced placement courses. The goal of the SAS program is to prepare students for college as well rounded individuals. One of the sophomores, Ava Bishop, describes SAS as “A good program that is beneficial to all students.” The academy holds many fun activities for SAS students to attend and raise money. Some of these events include potlucks, collaborations with food joints, as well as selling SAS merchandise. 

SAS (School For Advanced Studied) Class Banner

The HGM is for students with an IQ measured of 145+. The curriculum is academically challenging and designed to prepare the HGM students for demanding college programs. Nola Sherrod, a student in the HGM program, is taking Pre-Calculus as a freshman. Sherrod describes her classes as difficult and very demanding. She explains “When I was in middle school, I was in a similar program and was constantly challenged, and the HGM program is giving me that extra push.” HGM is a small community of students at NHHS, but they still make a huge impact in contribution to the school! 

HGM (Highly gifted Magnet) Class Banner

The NHA is the neighborhood school, open to all students that live within the NHHS school zone. NHA is a very diverse community as is NHHS as a whole. Students in NHA are put in core classes that they are able to excel in. Mrs. Fowzer, an NHA teacher, describes “I like the variety of students and the diversity of students.” Coincidentally, one of Mrs. Fowzer’s past senior classes were the ones who came up with the idea of the NHA. Her class was doing a project on issues within the campus, they argued they had bigger classes and less resources. Thus the North Hollywood Academy started. 

NHA (North Hollywood AcademY) Class Banner

The HEA is the Home Engineering Academy, a program where students can take courses to develop knowledge about building and trades. The HEA has many industry partners to support the students in getting certifications and other skills. HEA student Juan Carlos speaks about the academy by saying “I’d say one of the most special things in my learning community would be that it’s a relatively tight knit community where you’re more likely to share a classroom with the same people from 10-12th grade.” 

HEA(Home Engineering Academy) Class Banner

The STEM magnet is the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Magnet. The STEM magnet focuses on innovative learning and prepares the students for experiences that include critical thinking and collaboration skills. All grades in STEM take CTE Pathway classes. CTE stands for Career Technical Education; These courses allow students to take electives on arts, media, entertainment, finance, and many others. Savannah, a STEM magnet student says “I chose to be in STEM mostly for their art classes, but as I experienced the magnet more I loved the challenge it gave me. I was able to expand my knowledge in so many other subjects.” 

Stem’s (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Class banner

The Zoo Magnet is off the main campus of NHHS; The zoo campus is located next to the LA zoo in Griffith Park. Corresponding to the name, the Zoo Magnet focuses on animal studies and biological sciences. Students at the Zoo Magnet are given the chance to work with real animals and research at the Zoo and at nearby locations. Esme Jones, a freshman in Zoo Magnet, speaks about  the Zoo community, saying “The teachers are so sweet and very,like, – trustable the community is great. Everyone is nice to each other and the counselor knows everyone by name by like the first two weeks of school. Overall everyone is sweet and I love that it’s only like 260 kids.” 

Zoo Magnet Class Banner

The academies bring North Hollywood High School together as a whole. NHHS is diverse in culture, race and all of the above. Any of the six academies are great opportunities for students to be part of. The NHHS Huskies are welcome to learn and expand their knowledge in subjects they are interested in while enjoying the curriculum.