LAVC is Here for You and Me!


Need help with financial aid? LAVC is here to help!

North Hollywood High’s college center is offering LAVC financial aid and general assistance workshops every Wednesday from periods two through six! These workshops include in-person LAVC representatives assisting students in the college center with specific student concerns.

The LAVC workshop sign-up sheet, located on the right counter of the entrance of the College Center.

LAVC Representative Joseline Torres Martinez focuses on specific issues regarding applications, SIS logins, the Promise Program, Canvas, FAFSA and dual enrollment. LAVC Counselor Carlos Faneli is more well-rounded and assists with concerns regarding website/portal navigation, college connections, major plans/evaluations, registration, catalog questions and much more. All students must sign up in the college center at least a day in advance. They must also notify their teacher(s) that they will be missing their period(s). Once summoned, students can make their way to the college center where they will be helped by these well-informed volunteering Valley representatives. Rest assured, Chromebooks will be provided by the college center if needed.

Daniela Santiago, a student at North Hollywood High that was assisted by LAVC Counselor Carlos Faneli, recounts her experience at the workshop. “I needed help with FAFSA. Even though [Representative Joseline T. Martinez] had already left, Mr. Faneli offered to help.” She continues, “I was never left unattended.” Having these LAVC representatives on campus at one’s convenience almost seems too good to be true. Although the common consensus advises not to count one’s blessings, a general question still remains: why is LAVC really here?

A meeting between Ms Betancourt, the college coordinator, Ms Arianna, the EAOP counselor, and half of the 6th period peer college counselors discussing college information to release to Noho students.

Ms. Mateos, the college counselor aide, answers this very question as one of the main supervisors of the ongoing program. “The representatives are here on a partnership [with LAUSD]. Along with helping the kids, they’re here to encourage higher education.” Ms. Mateos continues, “The [Valley representatives] attend to the kids when we’re overwhelmed. They really lessen the workload on us during important periods like new semesters and application season.”

Ms. Velasco, the Educational Talent Search (ETS) coordinator, confirms Ms. Mateos statement. “With underclassmen building competitive transcripts and some seniors applying to [community college], having in-person assistance is a nice transition from zoom tutoring. They’re here to help,” Ms. Velasco says, emphasizing the importance of the representatives’ service.

Uryk Milian, a peer college counselor and senior at North Hollywood High.

Uryk Milian, a peer college counselor who consistently attends to fellow students who come into the college center, notes that the representatives are always “eager to help.”

“From my experience, out of everyone I’ve seen come to see the [reps], no one has left disappointed,” he says. Whether it’s dual enrollment or independent studies, LAVC has the widest range of courses and services among the Valley Colleges. Thanks to President Joe Biden’s educational policy, the “College For All Act,” the first two years of community college are now free. With this much accessibility to higher education, these LAVC representatives are here to reduce the stress of overwhelming information and guide students towards enrichment and success.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment!