The Film Culture

Film culture and its impact on society




Film is a form of art that has left many generations with glory, and overall something to take with them. Film has impacted everyone from the biggest to smallest of ways. 

American History X (1998)


Film has its impact if not on most cultures then the American culture.There are many decades to look at when it comes to film, matter of fact there are films for everybody and everything. Film itself is a waterfall of art, activism, pride, and entertainment. 

For instance, films can contain impactful messages in movies such as; American History X, Do The Right Thing, Unbroken. Whether the message was self improvement or motivation or justice and activism, many films people come across contain some of the most impactful messages leaving those who are its audience inspired or even motivated.

Mr. Manzo a teacher at North Hollywood had this to say when asked about films culture, “these films aren’t the only things that have left a legacy in society, it’s the style, the cinematography, the art, and the impactful messages left behind from these movies for the audience to take with them. Some directors have left us with the amazing and unique individual styles that have been recognized in the film industry.”

2001: Space Odyssey (1968)

Those such as “Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielburg, Brian De Palma” with movies like Rear Window (1954), Full Metal Jacket (1987), Jaws (1975), Scarface (1983) have left an impact and legacy in the American film industry. 

Do the Right Thing (1989)

Movies in modern society represent different messages when compared to the last 7 decades. Many are observant that films in each generation have evolved or been released to fit some type of interest or messages that need to be acknowledged for that society in time.

           Valeria Gopar, a student at North Hollywood when asked about what she thinks about when film pops in her head said “ I think about the motion pictures, the art, the overall messages projected through Film/Movies themselves” although Gopar isn’t very familiar with precise films and directors, she does appreciate the entirety of Film.

           As stated previously, Film has come in different forms and genres, and there’s so much to choose from. 

          As film has been a part of many different cultures, how much does film impact society and its perceptions? How will the audience take in the messages and react to it? Guessing those who take interest in films will have answers to those questions. They discover and see the beauty of the cinematic arts.

Another scholar attending a school in the LAUSD had this to say regarding the film Do the right thing, “Do the right thing” is important because for the future generations it provides a perspective that they have not seen before. This film projects how diversity can lead to violence and learning to accept everyone is a good way to bring peace.

Film culture has impacted American culture widely, it leaves behind a legacy for society to take in and interpret in many different ways due to its ambiguity. Film sustains a wide spectrum of art that honestly appeals to many, whether you like film or not, I doubt you’ll find it difficult to not find a film that honestly appeals to your soul.