What is Battle of The Books?

Battle of the books is a trivia type of competition where students from all grades and academies get put into groups and go against other schools. This year specifically will be held the “ one book” challenge. 

The book chosen for this year’s  challenge is “ The Fellowship Of The Ring.” by J.R.R Tolkein. The Fellowship Of The Ring was written in 1954, the first of a total of 3 books in his making into his now well- known series novel “ The Lord Of The Rings.””. The Fellowship Of The Rings is a fictional book in a completely fictional world. 

If up to joining be prepared to answer 20 questions about the entire book made up by our librarian mr hamrick. As well as being placed into a group and creating a project like a costume, poster, drawing, etc. You are always welcomed to search up inspiration for your project, but using your imagination is heavily encouraged. 

Sammy Pennso a 10th grader and a member of the book club says “ Fun event where you basically read a book you like to read and get to battle against other schools, it’s a fun group experience and answering questions is fun. I’m just looking forward to doing it again because going against other schools it’s fun and competitive.“ 

Several copies of the book can be found in our school’s library, located near the auditorium, if anyone’s looking for a place to borrow from. If you still want to participate but have trouble reading or getting the book,recommended by teachers is  the audiobook version, which you can use at any time of day or at any occasion.

To join, you would have to talk to one of the people in charge of our school’s battle of the books , Mr Hamrick or Ms trejo. 

Battle of the books isn’t just an event at North Hollywood High School; it’s an event where schools all around LA go against each other. Before covid the event took place in person but due to covid , the past 2 years have been online and expect to still take place on zoom this year. Teachers are hopeful that in the future they will once again go against each other in the room. 

After talking with the book club,  Emma Enriquez, a 10th grader, says it is a ” good way to interact with others from schools.” Her friend and another member of the book club, Emily Galvan 10th grade says “ interesting and not boring like people expected”. 

Ms. Trejo, an English  teacher at North Hollywood high school and one of the people behind our battle of the books, shares, “ I love this event because the students enjoy the books but also play a huge role in the choice in the books they read. ” I also like how the students get really into it and show teamwork.” 

The winning process is to beat all other teams by points from answering questions and doing the creative project. The price is junk food served and a little bit of bragging. Anyone is always welcomed to be a guest and watch. 

Mr. Hamrick, our school librarian says “ It’s always a good day, we serve a lot of junk food. I think we won last year.”