The Need to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Why is it important?


Beginning every March 1st, Women’s History Month will start by celebrating all the women who have made an impact and created their voices in the world.

It began in Santa Rosa, California in 1978 known as “Women’s History Week” and by 1980 was issued as “Nationals Women’s Week” starting the first week of March, due to the groups led by the National Women’s History Alliance getting President Jimmy Carter to sign a law designating the first week of March to be dedicated to women.

It was made to commemorate the famous women who left an impact even after they were gone, such as the first woman on the moon, the first woman scientist, and many more. Famous female figures that are celebrated during this month include Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Lilly Ledbetter, and more notable figures who have influenced the world.

Susan B Anthony
Harriet Tubman

As women are often overshadowed by men and aren’t acknowledged for their discoveries, much of their credit goes unrecognized.

As for the students and staff at North Hollywood High School, many know this month is to celebrate women of all kinds who have affected their lives. Student Council vice president and DECA member, Valeria Gopar commented on the importance of this month by saying, “I think it’s important because women haven’t had their rights as most things are biased to men. They need to have more rights to show the contrast between the past and present as the times are changing.”

Often people assume men are in charge of everything as they take credit for work done by women, proving that there are still issues against gender equality that need to be addressed.

Girl Build’s president, Aratzy Murguia stated, “It’s important to show the progress of women, but things still need to be done such as Roe V Wade which is moving backward from that.”

Even though women have made a lot of progress, they are still overshadowed by men in the present times, which shows how necessary it is to remind others of their accomplishments.

Murguia added, “We need to talk about it more as we celebrate what we have and still bring awareness to the recurring issues. I’m proud of our progress but there are still things that need to be done.”

This month honors noteworthy figures who have fought for women’s equality and made a name for themselves in the world. They have inspired women not to be afraid to stand up for themselves and join areas that were created or controlled by men. Without the impact of numerous female figures throughout history, times would have been worse and less evolved.

Nancy Pelosi

Women such as Lilly Ledbetter fought for equal wages, letting women earn the same amount as men; Harriet Tubman freed slaves in the abolishment movement; Susan B. Anthony led the way for women to vote during the women’s suffrage movement.

Even though these women are no longer present, their legacy lives on and should be remembered as they’ve affected not only the past but the present and future generations.

STEM senior Kimberly Carranza stated, “Famous women figures like Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai, and Katherine Johnson have shaped my view of women and what we are capable of, and what we can achieve with our brilliance. With their intelligence, strength, and creativity, they paved a way for younger women to follow, to avoid the struggles they faced when performing what they loved.”

Carranza was able to be where she is today because of influential women, “Because of them, I feel capable of achieving my goals of becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and leaving my mark in the world.”

Student Council member Odalys Lopez was inspired by Frida Kahlo and her efforts against the stereotypes for women in her culture and entered the art world despite men dominating force.

Frida Kahlo

Lopez expressed, “Frida Kahlo inspired me as art was mainly promoted for men. She was born in the Mexican artistry world of men but stood out as her art was a representation of how she felt about the stereotypes of women in her culture.”

Alongside famous women who have influenced several generations, women of all kinds have inspired one another, especially mothers.

Science teacher, Ms. Benitz mentioned that her mother is her inspiration due to her hard work and dedication. 

She explained, “My mom was an immigrant from the Philippines and she came here to get her master’s degree, and I think about how she left her country with a dream and no one to take care of her. She had to figure it out and make a life about herself and her struggles while she was here yet she didn’t realize it was difficult.”

Dolores Huerta

Women’s contributions have created a voice that allowed equal rights for women, more freedom in exploring passions, and recognition in their work. 

It has involved more women in works dominated by men and will continue to give them the confidence to make a more significant contribution to the world.

As times change, it was thanks to the work of women who stood up and created an equal standing for everyone.

With women being overlooked even as their work modified the world, it’s important to commemorate their contributions during Women’s History Month.