Are Food Delivery Apps Worth It?

Is the delivery fee too much? Students weigh in


Getting food and having to drive to places can be a pain, when the weather might not be the best or one may not be able to. Food delivery apps have modernized the world in being able to order food from your home and having it delivered. With the vast amount of options that these apps provide, it’s inevitable to not be tempted.  It only requires the touch of a screen to make it possible. 

The only downside would be the pricey costs of the service. You would be paying for the food and the person who is delivering the food to you.

Apps such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub are at the top when it comes to these sorts of apps. However, many people debate whether or not these food delivery apps are really worth it after the delivery fee.

Students at North Hollywood can differ in this debate. 

Michael Arriga says, “I find food delivery apps convenient; they help me save time, and I don’t have to bother going to pick up my food. Sure, it might be pricier after the fees, but I do find these apps to be worth it. I actually order from these apps quite often – it has a sort of necessity when it comes to what I’ll be eating during the week. ” 

Arriaga expresses how he orders food delivery apps quite often, although he acknowledges that it is more expensive to have it delivered to you he says that by having his food delivered he can save time and order whatever food he might be craving without having to struggle by picking it up himself. 

Maria Rodriguez, a Senior at North Hollywood, orders from delivery apps from time to time, with her most used app being Door Dash. Rodriquez believes that food delivery apps can be worth it at times, however she does feel like the fees are expensive. 

“Sometimes the food is cheaper, however after the delivery it’s way more expensive. I might as well just go in person and buy it, but if I really want it then I’ll just order it. If it’s not necessary or I live close then I’ll just go get it,” she says.  

Although Rodriguez does order from Door Dash, she doesn’t rely on these apps as a daily source for food, she sees it as an occasional thing, for those days when you don’t feel like going out to get something to eat. 

 On the other hand, Benjamin Ochoa, a senior at NHHS, expresses that he doesn’t believe that food delivery apps are worth it after the fee.

“I don’t think food delivery apps are worth all the extra money that comes with the service. Sure, it can be delivered to me wherever I am but it will cost me way more than what the food is really worth. I rather go through the trouble of getting it myself than having to pay for it to be delivered.” 

Ochoa states that he has nothing against the app itself but does not see food delivery apps as a necessity in his life.  

Even though there are those who order from these apps often and those who order occasionally, there are also those who have never used delivery apps.  A senior at North Hollywood,  Vanessa Rosales is an example, saying “Honestly I don’t use delivery apps, but from what I heard it’s not worth it because you end up paying more money than what the food is actually worth.” 

Rosales affirms, “I honestly would not consider paying through food delivery apps, I would rather go get it in person.” 

Overall  there are mixed opinions on whether or not food delivery apps are actually worth it. NoHo Huskies differ on their stances, it  all comes down to one’s own preference, and budgeting. Budgeting especially is a key factor to determine if delivery apps are truly worth it, your personal budgeting either makes or breaks whether you see it as beneficial. These apps can be really beneficial to some and to others not so much, all sorts of factors tip the scale to determine if delivery apps are worth it.