Are Guns Still An Issue?

The topic concerning gun control is causing an uproar


Over the past decades, gun deaths have drastically increased with the most recorded deaths in 2020 resulting from murders or suicides. 

Guns have been an issue across America with mass shootings in schools and the public being reported for over a decade.

 However, nothing has been done in most states due to the Second Amendment which allows the right to bear arms.

Guns can be purchased in forty-four states in the U.S. and have an age requirement of 18 or 21 years old, depending on the state. 

They’re also easily available to buy in any firearm store across America and don’t require a background check, making it quick and simple.

Student Council member, Odalys Lopez stated her concern, “Guns shouldn’t be easily accessible because of the recent news and incidents that have recently occurred, which in my opinion, has shown the dangers of easy access to a gun.” 

Some may argue that guns are used as a form of self-defense against wild animals and aren’t used against people, while others state that people have been killed or critically injured due to a gun.

Due to the Second Amendment, signed in 1791, there aren’t laws that entirely ban guns as they are considered firearms, but there has been stricter gun control implemented.

Though states such as Georgia, have taken measures to make a law banning guns, the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional. 

From the 1800s to the 1900s, guns were sold over the counter and were easily accessible to those who could afford one. After the assassination of President Kennedy, gun laws have gotten stricter.

In the 1900s, the Federal Firearms Act controlled the production of firearms and who they were sold to, such as prohibiting convicted felons. 

The Gun Control Act of 1968 officialized gun control by stating “Keeping firearms out of the hands of those not legally entitled to possess them because of age, criminal background, or incompetence” which regulated imported guns and dealers.

Even though gun control has improved safety measures, it hasn’t prevented the loss of lives due to firearms.

There has been an increase in school shootings reported from 2007 – 2021 with recent years being the most recorded number of threats.

As guns have been the cause of many deaths such as school shootings, suicide, and murder, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them entirely.

            Student Council Member Kimberly Martinez commented, “School shootings are a regular occurrence in this country and although they may not be happening directly in our community, the effects of them happening across the country are present in every child’s mind as they walk into school each day.”

             At NHHS, the administrators and staff aid are prepared in case of a gun threat and immediately put the school under emergency lockdown.

              The main office head, Ms. Marie stated, “It’s an automatic lockdown and the school and classes are locked once that happens. School police are called immediately and the administrators and campus aid are risking their lives to protect students.”

             Some schools are implementing gun violence safety measures as gun threats cannot be prevented with nearly half the nation owning a firearm.

SAS senior, Cristian Guevara mentioned, “It’s certainly a difficult situation as all guns can kill people and have been used to cause a great deal of harm but the reality of the situation is that a large portion of the country already has guns as well as the protection of the second amendment so it’s hard to find that middle ground.”

Gun control has not prevented people from using them as weapons, Guevara stated “Nothing more can be done other than what we are currently doing, getting the attention of lawmakers and trying to stop groups such as the NRA from getting legislation passed in their favor.”

With firearms being used as a threat to others, it causes other people to purchase more guns in terms of protection which may lead to fatal accidents. 

Royal Regiment member Jake Tanda commented, “Guns are too easily accessible so most people can go to any store to purchase a gun. Illegally purchasing guns can lead to mass shootings which a lot of people are afraid of so they buy more guns which leads to more violence.”

Tanda further added, “I think it’s gotten worse every year as there’s an increase in mass shootings and  it’s gotten worse as the problem with guns has gotten out of hand.” 

Guns have been a massive issue whenever a shooting is reported and though people have voiced their concerns, gun control has yet to improve to fit their satisfaction.

SAS student, Michael Arriaga said, “Gun control has gotten better over the years but there are still problems in terms of safety with the increase of shootings over the years. It shows that school shooting threats are getting common and that shouldn’t need to be a concern for students to fear their lives while learning.”

As firearms continue to be protected under the Second Amendment, guns remain an issue as they have posed more of a threat rather than protection.