Farewell Ms. Fowzer


For many years, Ms. Fowzer, the ASB and government teacher has been calling the shots for almost all the school’s events. These include the pep rally, March Madness, honor picnic roll, and many more. Unfortunately, this is her last year as a NoHo husky.

Ms. Fowzer has made it known that with the culmination of this school year, she will be leaving for Washington to take hold of another job opportunity. 

Danny Barrios, vice president of ASB and a senior in SAS, shared his thoughts: “I’m really devastated about her departure; I value all that she has brought to ASB, and I think that we will be able to continue the hard work she’s implemented in us even though she won’t be present.”

Barrios has been a part of ASB since his sophomore year and is slightly worried about how the underclassmen will go on about the school events with a completely new teacher. 

“She is the president of all presidents, she keeps everything in control and is truly the backbone of everything we do,” Barrios adds. Ms. Fowzer has been teaching ASB for years, so she knows how to run the class effortlessly. This brings into question who, exactly, is capable of taking her place.

“I think the underclassmen are gonna have a different experience from the one every other ASB member has experienced but I have hope for them” states Marleena Limbrick, the chair of the PR committee as well as a senior in SAS. 

Limbrick also adds how Ms. Fowzer has been a motherly figure to not only her, but others, “She helped us with all of the processes of creating events when we were first here and she has always had a special way of supporting us.”

Another member of ASB, Jocelyn Sandoval, the co-chair of the spirit committee, states “I’m a little relieved that this is my last year here because I don’t know how we would have managed without Ms. Fowzer.” Moreover, many feelings of worry and anxiety are present amongst the members as they know that it takes a strong and dedicated leader to do what Ms. Fowzer does. 

“It’s already stressful as it is being responsible for the tasks assigned to spirit, so I can only imagine what Ms. Fowzer has to go through. Her dedication to this position is inspirational…” Sandoval adds. 

Reagan Kuznair, a junior in the spirit committee, confesses her anxiousness but believes everything will work out, saying, “I feel stressed as hell since I’m gonna be the only underclassman in the committee moving on…“

“100% I’ll be able to take the role of leader. I’m confident!” Kuznair says sarcastically. It is no joke that taking the role of the leader is hard but let alone having one year of experience is tough. 

Kuznair will be the only returning member for the spirit committee, meaning it is up to her to establish the deadlines for spirit based events, including teaching the newbies how to set up for “TITQ” (things in the quad).

Aside from her noted experience in ASB, many students from her government/economic class express their sentiments.

Namie Horner, a senior in SAS, says “I feel bad for the people who are going to be missing out on her fun class. She’s very kind and considerate and I don’t think there is anyone else that compares to her.”

Another student from her economics class, Kimberly Carranza, a senior in STEM, states “Mrs. Fowzer is really unique. She’s gonna leave a big hole in the school and in our hearts.” She too feels that Ms. Fowzer has been a great teacher for many and is sympathetic towards those that won’t be able to experience that.

Though Ms. Fowzer will be leaving the school, her leadership qualities will remain amongst all those she has taught. She will be missed by all.