Noho On Broadway

A night to remember


The NHHS theater club members will star in a new play that includes a compilation of various shows that will give viewers a unique viewing experience.

This will take place at North Hollywood High School inside the Auditorium on April 27 and April 29 from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm. It will include a compilation of popular shows like Meet the Plastics, Mama Mia, Grease, and songs like Never Getting Rid of Me, Without Love, and Candy Store.

Noho on Broadway Directors:

Ani Asatryan, Danny Barrios, and Sabriyah


Jamie, Isabella, Chidera, Emma, Zoe, Ellison, Rock, Sarai, Ariel, Sasha, Destiny, Attila,

 Nathalie, Mariam, Morgan, Niso, Maya, Jack, Oscar, Eva, Niso, Sage,

 Sean, Attila, Melanie, Eunice, Coral, Sabriyah, Isabella G. 

Members started preparations on April 10, and most actors have been rehearsing almost every weekday and will continue until show day. Tech Crew is planning on starting work on April 21 also till show day.

Director Asatryan states that her experience preparing for this show was “positive due to all the support and enthusiasm from the cast and everyone being interested, but the hardest part is scheduling issues and trying to figure out when everything can happen”. This is Asatryan’s first time performing since her freshman year.

As a director, her way of encouraging her peers is by staying positive and by avoiding bringing negative thoughts to the cast.

Freshman Brena Reily a former cast member of Little Shop of Horrors and a member that has often participated in other shows and musicals outside of school states that this was a “7/10 experience” as she has often participated in more professional shows, and because this show is currently behind schedule and often have trouble with planning, she had higher expectations.

She states that although she is excited for the show she also fears the planning.

Junior Mariam Tutuyan, a cast member, will play in shows like Mean Girls, Grease and Mamma Mia. States that her words of advice are “to be fearless and be awesome” She stated that at first, she was scared to participate in the show, but fear was more of a reason to do it.

Junior from Zoo Magnet Jamie Pugsley states that while preparing for the show “It has been complicated because having multiple scripts and musicals within one show is something that I have never done before but the way it was handled by the students in charge made for a really fun experience as well”

She personally worked with other cast members currently involved in this show in the past, and working with them again has created a good bonding experience, making it more enjoyable for her.

This type of show is difficult for a group of students to achieve, this play will not solely focus on one story but on various diverse and distinctive songs and musicals, there will be something in the show for everyone.

With the help of all staff members of this production team, it’s certain that the play will have lots of support and that viewers as well as members will enjoy the experience.