NHHS Football Offseason Training


The football team has been undergoing extensive offseason training after their wonderful 2022-2023 season.

The 2022-2023 football season overall was 8-4. This gave us a 66.70% win rate. In the East Valley League we were 5-1. We were second in the league. 

We had star players such as, #25 Chris Ekdahl, who averaged 14.4 receiving yards per game, and he had 3 receiving touchdowns. 

#1 Ronnie Gipson averaged 183.1 rushing yards per game, and he also had 17 total touchdowns. 

#58 Eduardo Duarte averaged 7.0 tackles per game, he had 2 interceptions, and he had 1 fumble recovery. 

#33 Randy Castillo averaged 5.0 sacks per game, and he had 7 QB hurries. 

#5 Nate Arlauskas had 3 passing touchdowns, and he had a .583 completion percentage. 

#18 Andrew Castillo had a QB rating of 73.3. 

These star players were the reason that we had such a successful season. 

Now, our players are working during this offseason to ensure that they are better than last season. 

Coach Faer is putting them through pain to make sure that they can be D3 champs. 

These athletes have been conditioning by lifting weights, and they really emphasize on exercises that help with their performance. This includes explosive movements like squats, cleans, deadlifts, and bench press. 

They are conditioning by running laps, and by doing sprint intervals. This is to gain stamina and speed. 

The players on the football team stated their thoughts on how the 2023-2024 season will go. 

Daniel Banegas states that “With off-season training already in place I think the 23-24 football season will be a long and exciting season. The guys we have are promising, confident, and hungry to win. Coming off of the Marquez loss last season during the playoffs many of us returners and even newcomers are looking for revenge and to finish the job once and for all and with the team we have now the skys the limit.”

Isaac Fordham exclaims that with the players we have on the team “We fasho abt to make another title run.” 

Sergio Santiago shared his thoughts about how he feels “good about the upcoming season, I feel confident that we can match or surpass last season since everyone is working hard to get better and the returners have unfinished business that we need to take care of.”

Andy Barrero states that “I’m feeling really good about it, it’s my senior year and everything so you know I’m tryna get that ring this year.”