How Husky Elite Stays on Top of the Choreography Game


Husky Elite is a club that brings a rhythmic and amusing sense of entertainment to the North Hollywood student body. The club meets two to three times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school creating and choreographing various dance routines that are performed at lunch and many school events.

Practice is an essential part of building any kind of routine, Husky Elite manager Michael Manukyan explains that after warming up they “…talk about future events coming up, and then we hop right into the choreography.” He emphasizes the importance of formation, saying that “Formation is the number one thing we focus on, and if the group is dancing too fast or too slow, the formation is all that matters. As the manager, you have to look out for who’s doing it right and who’s doing it wrong because the captains might not see it, and we don’t want it to look wonky.”

As the Husky Elite manager, Manukyan has to work on “event planning, fundraising, taking care of social media, public relations and you take on a bunch of different roles at once.” He works with Mr. Chavez, schedules assemblies, and then begins to prepare the event with the rest of the team. Another Husky Elite member, Seven Anthony, finds that the group helps and supports its members in ways beyond physical activity. She says that “practicing and performing together brings us closer as a group” and “we’re always bonding a lot and we constantly are making jokes and creating choreos on the spot.”

In terms of future performances, Husky Elite has their eyes set on a big one. Anthony explains that “The team’s excited for the pep rally, and other performances for the middle schoolers this week, but we’re most excited about the pep rally.”

Husky Elite member, Mileyzia Moore, encourages people to join the team as “It’s a great way to meet new people, make more friends, and gain a fun hobby.” Moore goes on to explain that, “Some of my favorite events with the team were pep rally, BSU events we performed at, and the talent show.

Moore explained that she initially “wanted to join the team because it seemed fun” and allowed more variety and off time in her academics and extracurriculars. She now feels the best part of her decision to join is that the club has helped her “bond with a lot of new people and make connections.”

Overall, Husky Elite prioritizes a balance of fun, hard work, and passion. “There’s never any conflict within the group” says Manukyan, “sometimes I join in and do stuff, we’re always laughing so we do have a lot of fun, but we also work very hard to get the choreo under control.”