Congratulating Seniors’ Commitment to a College


The purpose of senior commitment day is to acknowledge the four years of academic work that students have put in to attend their dream college. It celebrates their dedication to achieving their future goals by highlighting the significance of their milestones.

In addition, attending college is necessary for students who wish to pursue their passions as it can help them achieve their goals and improve their prospects. To show appreciation for students’ efforts, senior commitment day was created.

At NHHS, Senior Commitment Day was hosted by Student Council and held in the agricultural area, where students received ice cream and churros. The event was previously scheduled in May but was moved to April 28, 2023, and held during lunchtime. 

 StuCo vice president Valeria Gopar commented, saying “It was originally planned for late May, but since it’s a district-wide event, every school is doing it today. All we’re doing is decorating, passing out food, and ensuring everything is going how it’s supposed to.”

Even though the event was planned sooner than expected, the Senior Council was able to decorate the scene to make it visually appealing and entertaining.

The agricultural area is a garden decorated with blossoming flowers and large trees which supply shade for hot days. It was ornamented with balloons, graduation signs, and banners saying “Seniors 2023”, “We Heart Seniors” and “Congratulations”. Silver balloons as well as white and blue streamers accessorized the area, making the scenery come to life.

Student council member Wendy Batres says, “We’re setting up decorations in the agricultural area and we’re serving ice cream and churros. I’m in charge of putting up banners and streamers and it’s coming along well considering it was on short notice. We thought it would be in May so it got pushed on us sooner, but it’s good we had the decoration on hand.”

This year, the ice cream option consisted of vanilla or chocolate chip, accompanied by a side of churros that many enjoyed on this hot day.

Once the bell rang, seniors were lined up throughout the area, representing their college merch as they spoke with one another about their acceptance to their dream schools. 

Senior student German Covanrubias at the event stated, “I enjoyed it so much. It was very nice seeing everyone and the pathway they’re going to take, and I appreciate the senior council for making a day like this for us. It makes us feel appreciated for our hard work throughout the year.”

Covanrubias, who is attending Los Angeles Valley College and majoring in child development, mentions his appreciation for acknowledging seniors’ efforts to achieve their goals. 

Senior commitment day doesn’t only congratulate students’ work towards attending college but also makes them feel appreciated and surrounded by others who express excitement about their future.

Senior student, Aratzy Murguia mentioned, “I think it’s important since a lot of students don’t get congratulations from their parents so it’s good to do it at school with others to feel appreciated.”

Murguia is attending UC Santa Barbara and majoring in economics. Her achievements were recognized and celebrated along with many seniors who tried their best through the process of applying to college with trial and error. 

As Murguia mentioned, some students weren’t congratulated by their families, so this event allows them to feel welcomed as they’re surrounded by those who are excited about their acceptance.

The importance of senior commitment day is not only to show appreciation to seniors but also to acknowledge that their dedication throughout their academic life was worth it in the end as they’re able to pursue their dreams.